Carrie Fisher’s dog watched her in the new 'Star Wars' trailer

Carrie Fisher’s dog watched her in the new 'Star Wars' trailer

After months of anticipation, the official trailer for The Last Jedi – the eighth installment of the Star Wars saga – was finally released today. Fans of the monumental film series were giddy with excitement, impressed with the production quality but more interested in what's in store for the characters from the previous films.

Everyone got a preview of what's to come: an almost doddery Luke Skywalker is a bit nervous about Rey's powers, Chewy flies the Millennium Falcon with a mini flying seal, and there looks to be a showdown between Kylo Ren and his mother, General Leia Organa. The general is, of course, the grown-up version of Princess Leia from the early films, and she was still played by the original actress Carrie Fisher before she sadly passed away last year.

Seeing Fisher again in the new trailer made many people get emotional all over again for the loss of the iconic actress, who only lived until age 60. But perhaps most heartbreaking of all was this:

Gary Fisher, pet doggo and best bud of the late Carrie Fisher, seemed to recognise his "mom" in the new trailer, and this most recent post is enough to make even the most hard-boiled man well up. The French Bulldog has his own Instagram account with over 141,000 followers, and even though Fisher is no longer around, the account is still active.

"Just watched the new trailer of The Last Jedi and my mom looks more beautiful than ever," read the caption. The post reached more than 28,000 likes, around about double the amount Gary's photos usually get.

More than 1,000 people commented on the post, mostly with hearts and crying-face emojis. One person said "This broke my heart wtf", while another lamented, "gary you are so pure and sweet. what did we do to deserve you". It looks like everyone felt for the pooch, with one person confessing "this is not okay. I'm sobbing", and someone else commenting "i'm in TEARS".

Fisher used to take Gary everywhere with her, on work trips, to panel shows, and even on the red carpet. She once said in an interview that Gary was a therapy dog to her: "Gary is mental also. My mother says Gary is a hooligan. Gary is like my heart. Gary is very devoted to me and that calms me down. He's anxious when he's away from me." Fisher wrote several books about her own struggles with mental health and addiction, and she died shortly after finishing one of her book tours.

She died on 27 December last year, after suffering a cardiac arrest (with sleep apnoea and a build-up of fatty tissue in her arteries also leading to her death). Reports say that Gary was with Fisher when she had the cardiac arrest, and he was with her after she was rushed to hospital too.

It's said that after Fisher died, Gary went to live with her only daughter Billie Lourd (who has her own French Bulldog called Tina), but later reports said that Gary would be living with the actress's former assistant, Corby McCoin. In any case, Gary seems to be doing okay even though he misses his long-time companion.

And it's no surprise, she was a remarkable woman:


Hang in there, buddy.