Dog waits patiently on derelict mattress after being abandoned by its owners

Dog waits patiently on derelict mattress after being abandoned by its owners

This dog was photographed sitting patiently on a discarded mattress waiting for his masters to come back, after they cruelly ditched him in the trash.

The Epoch Times reports that three years ago, Mike Diesel (founder of Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue) came across this Facebook post showing Boo - a pit bull terrier mix - sleeping in front of an empty yard, always hoping his owners would return.

They never did.

"They came back one time, took the belongings that they chose to keep, unfortunately that wasn’t Boo," explained Diesel to WXYZ at the time, and Liz Marie - who accompanied Diesel to the scene of the abandonment - shared photos of the pup on Facebook.

Boo the Dog Credit: Facebook

"This picture absolutely breaks my heart, I am literally in tears. Meet Boo, this beautiful boy was left behind with the trash and belongings when the family moved out. He stayed right by their stuff and never left it, confused and lonely," Marie said in her post, while Diesel explained why he thought Boo stayed on the mattress, long after his owners had left.

Diesel said that Boo was understandably upset, refusing to leave their belongings in the hope that they'd one day return. "That’s why Boo was staying close to the belongings and the mattress he possibly slept on and the smells he was comfortable with and knew," he explained, saying it took around two days of bribery with McDonald's and other food to gain Boo's trust.

Eventually, Diesel was able to prise Boo away from the mattress by "getting him to know my voice, getting him to know that I wasn’t going to hurt him, getting him to know that he could trust humans again". Once Boo was on a leash, he was taken to Groesbeck Animal Hospital, where it was discovered he had contracted heartworm during his ordeal.

But this incredible dog never lost his joie de vivre during his hospital stay, with impressed hospital staff even admitting that, "He is wonderful, you would think that he would be scared and fearful of people, but he came in here wagging his tail". Eventually, he was put into foster care, and although he didn't find any suitable families there, his foster mama loved him so much she decided to keep him.

"Dogs are amazingly loyal," Diesel said to WXYZ. "If we could get human beings to show anywhere near that much compassion, we’d be living in a much better world."