Footage shows man in pain as shark bites his stomach and refuses to let go

Footage shows man in pain as shark bites his stomach and refuses to let go

It's pretty common for people to fear sharks. It's not often that you would encounter them, and the movie Jaws (and the the novel it was based on) did a lot to scare people away from the creatures, no matter how likely it is to actually be attacked by one rather than, say, getting hit by a car in the street.

Unfortunately, that's not really the way phobias work. Knowing that there is very little chance that you could encounter a shark in the first place won't persuade those who get nervous about getting waist-deep in the ocean for fear of seeing that unmistakable telltale fin poking above the surface of the water.

Yet even being someone largely unaffected by this fear, I've got to say this incident got to me in a major way. An American diver named Ervin Maccarty was bitten by a shark early in September, which latched right on to his stomach in a way that would freak anyone out.

Ervin was swimming in waters off the coast of Marathon, Florida, where he was trying to catch some lobsters. It was then he was bitten and had to make his way back to the boat. Ervin, who thankfully wasn't seriously injured by the attack, later spoke to The Daily Mail about the events. The diver explained:

"I struggled to get back to the boat. It [the shark] hit me hard. It knocked the breath out of me so I had to get up for air but I felt the shark biting and trying to tear me open. I thought I would drown"

I had to get to the boat with no hands to swim with. It was a struggle and it wore me out. I eventually got there. The video tells the rest."

As he arrives on the boat, he lies down, in considerable pain. That's when the others see he needs help, and do so by cutting at the shark with a knife. It's a pretty tough watch for both parties, as the shark doesn't give up on its victim even as it is grievously hurt. Fair warning: this is pretty graphic.


At one point, the shark even lets go only to latch back onto Ervin, leading the crew to try and "bleed him out". The strange thing about it all is the reactions of the others, as the person behind the camera seems to find it funny, asking: "He didn't get your penis, did he?"

Eventually, it was Ervin who ended the ordeal, as he unhooked the shark from his belly and threw it to one side. People who have seen the video have a mix of responses, from being creeped out by the idea of being bitten in the same way, to some shocked at the cruel way they went about removing the creature.

Ervin has been reported to be in good health now, though he has a still-healing bite mark on his stomach, and an experience he won't soon forget.