This mom takes her kids hunting to get them off their smartphones

This mom takes her kids hunting to get them off their smartphones

Mom Heather Del Moral, 34, takes her three children hunting often. Heather works for Oklahoma's wildlife department, and her three children Papi, Isa and Armonia are all between the ages of nine and 14. They're young, but Heather claims that taking them hunting strengthens their familial bond and teaches them respect for animals - away from social media and digital false consciousness.

Heather says:

"Some of my most memorable times with the kids are when we’re out hunting together. They don’t bring their phones, so we can properly talk, laugh and connect. I’ve had people tell me they can’t believe I take my children hunting. I respect their opinion, but ask they respect mine too, and don’t knock something they haven’t tried.

"Hunting gets children out there amongst nature, and teaches them respect for animals. They’re fascinated by the biology of it all too. They help clean the animals, and I show them the heart and talk them through all the different chambers. The kids also play lots of sports, so we go as much as our schedules allow. My husband Juan doesn’t really get it. He’d rather be home watching sports.

"The children love it though. They haven’t shot doves yet, they prefer to run out and catch them, but they’ve caught loads of turkeys, deer and fish. When we do kill something, we don’t just leave it there. We’ll clean it and take it for meat so it isn’t wasted. We beat it into their brain to always be aware of their surroundings – safety, safety, safety. It’s not a video game. These are real-life guns."

What do you think? Frankly, I think it's absurd to think there's any problem with this. First of all, if you eat meat but you whine about hunting, you are simply living in a fantasy. If you wouldn't kill flesh but you would purchase and eat it, all you're saying is that the material reality of your choices is too ugly for you to face. Either go vegetarian or accept that hunting, and thus hunters, are something you tacitly approve of every time you bite into a burger.

Second, it's so much better to hunt yourself than to purchase meat. You're gaining an understanding of the direct means of meat production, and in America, hunting does control the enormous deer population. I saw this story picked up by numerous English outlets, who raised their dainty parasols in shock and horror at the idea of hunting, but it's really just childish. The only possible contention is that the children are too young to be using guns, but being trained how to use guns at a young age has no connection to using guns for crimes later in life. In large swathes of America, millions of children are raised hunting and farming, and operating a gun is just part and parcel of killing what you eat.

All you keyboard warriors who love Game of Thrones would do well to understand "The one who passes the sentence should swing the sword."

What do you think? Is some outrage justifiable, or is this just American values in a genuine way? Do you eat meat? If so, what exactly is the problem with hunting?