There is now a Tinder for dog-borrowing so you never have to be lonely again

There is now a Tinder for dog-borrowing so you never have to be lonely again

So you love playing with dogs, but you don't own one. I feel you. Maybe your landlord has an evil "no dogs" policy, or maybe you can't afford the additional expenses, or maybe you have a rock star lifestyle and just aren't ready for the responsibility. Whatever the reason, you're lonely. Whenever you pass a dog-walker on the sidewalk, you take a moment to pet the puppy, but it never lasts long enough.

Well, I've got some great news: There's a new app called "Bark N' Borrow," which is essentially Tinder for dogs: a matchmaking service for canine companions that fulfills everyone's needs. If you don't own a dog, you can find one to sit, or just play with for while. If you own a dog, you can find a lonely soul who would be all-too thrilled to watch over your pooch. (Or you find another other dog-owner to have playdate.) And if you're a dog, all of this sounds great to you because you desperately crave love and attention. Who's a good boy? You're a good boy! Yes, you are!

But the app isn't just for borrowers. If you're looking for a long-term relationship, you can connect with animal shelters to find a dog to adopt. When you're swiping, you can see each canine's availability - adopt or borrow - and contact a a representative to set up a meeting and see if you're a perfect match. (And unlike Twitter, your match probably won't flake out or stand you up.) It's an efficient way to pick out a pooch that's arriving at the perfect time: According to Bark 'N' Borrow, 85% of people say they'll get their first dog or next dog at a shelter.

The goal is to create a community of dog lovers, and so far it's been a wild success, attracting over 50,000 users. In a press release, the founder of Bark 'N' Borrow, Liam Berkeley emphasized the importance of working with shelters like NKLA (No-Kill Los Angeles):

"There are nearly 4 million homeless dogs in shelters across the U.S. who are in desperate need of care and a permanent home. We're excited to work with NKLA to bring more attention to their adoptable dogs and to offer our users the ability to meet these incredible animals with the goal of long-term adoptions.... A lot of our users are currently waiting to find the right kind of dog to adopt, and in the meantime are excited to borrow to see which breed suits their lifestyle."

If you're concerned about leaving your dog with a total stranger, don't worry. This app contains a rating system similar to Uber and Airbnb, so you can find reputable users. Also, the company takes great pains to verify people through their social media and public information. There's even an actual human who reviews every account.

So, congratulations! Now all of your doggy dreams can come true, and you'll never be lonely again. They were going to start an app like this for cats, but cats were like "NO. F--k that noise. Go away."