Rescue dog with no front legs given Lego wheelchair to help him get around

Rescue dog with no front legs given Lego wheelchair to help him get around

It's a fact that disabled pets will often need a bit of extra help. Yes, there are plenty of adorable animals out there that often get the short shrift because they're blind, deaf, or have limited mobility - and these factors can sadly all make it more difficult for some of them to find a loving home.

However, this week a disabled dog has absolutely enchanted the internet when its owner decided to help them to walk around by designing a simple invention using an everyday toy.

Watch this adorable footage of the dog below: 

'Amazing’ Gracie is a rescue dog who has no front legs, which obviously made it almost impossible for her to walk or move without special assistance. When Gracie was only six-weeks-old, she was turned into a vets office in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, suffering and in a terrible condition.

The little puppy was reportedly found covered in maggots which had formed around her eyes and feet, and was suffering from a number of other health problems and ailments.

After careful treatment by vets, Gracie  (a King Charles spaniel, chihuahua, poodle and bichon frise mix) was taken in by the Mostly Mutts animal rescue.

However, Tammy Turley and her son Dylan were able to come up with an ingenious solution, after Dylan built Gracie a bespoke wheelchair out of Lego parts, which is attached to her torso via velcro straps.

Commenting on Gracie's newfound mobility, Tammy stated: "Some people were saying: 'A dog like that should be put to sleep. What quality of life is she going to have?' But now that everybody's met her they're like: "Oh my gosh she's so happy!'"

She added: "I think her bubs get sore, so that's why we really started to work on the wheelchair, and that just kind of came about because of her bouncing. I don't want her to have heart or lung issues by bouncing around."

Well if you ask me, Gracie is an amazing dog, and her owners and just as incredible!