Scary footage shows protective moose charging dog walker

Scary footage shows protective moose charging dog walker

Dogs are wonderful animals - they're loving, adorable, have limitless joy in their hearts, and are always pleased to see you. But one thing they absolutely do not have is tact. I know from walking my dog across fields in the country during my childhood, that a dog will start barking at any other animal, no matter how big it is or how likely it is to charge.

This problem often came up with cows or horses, usually when they were looking after their young and saw the distant dog and its owner as a threat. But other animals are just as likely to get territorial when they are looking after their calves.

Now, a video has emerged that shows what happens when a moose mother is threatened in this way. Filmed in Colorado, the moose ends up charging a woman as she walks her dog through the countryside. Her neighbour captured the footage, and you can hear her warning the woman and her dog as they walk near a residential area.

This neighbour posted the video, along with the caption:

"My neighbor and her dog were walking in the forest, my son and I were in our back yard watching the moose. I alerted my neighbor before recording the moose that she had you leave quickly, she just wasn't fast enough."

As you can see in the video, the moose is looking after her two calves, which gives them plenty of incentive to scare off or attack any potential predator. Fortunately for all involved, she managed to escape from the group and neither the walker nor her dog were harmed in the ordeal.