'Sick' boasts of the 'world's most prolific hunter' who’s slaughtered more than 1,300 elephants and 340 lions

'Sick' boasts of the 'world's most prolific hunter' who’s slaughtered more than 1,300 elephants and 340 lions

Dubbed the 'world's most prolific hunter', Tony Sanchez-Arino has boasted of slaughtering 1,317 elephants and 340 lions while posing with carcasses in what many deem to be 'sickening' photos.

The 89-year-old from Spain has also killed 2,093 buffalos, 167 leopards, and 127 black rhinos.

He is widely celebrated by fans of the blood sport as being the world's "most dangerous and experienced game hunter".

This is the moment Piers Morgan rages at a big game hunter on Good Morning Britain:

Over the course of 60 years, the big game hunter has killed at least 4,000 animals in Africa, having started professional ivory hunting back in 1952.

Despite personally contributing to the decimation of thousands of wild animals, Sanchez-Arino has bizarrely expressed concern over the fact that the numbers of African elephants are in rapid decline.

Tony Sanchez-Arino Credit: Africa Hunting

"The African elephant will be hunted to extinction in the wild within our lifetime, to the shame of humanity," he remarked in his 2002 book Elephants, Ivory, And Hunters.

Sanchez-Arino is a friend of former Spanish King Juan Carlos who was dropped as honorary president of the country’s World Wildlife Fund branch after it emerged he had killed elephants.

Tony Sanchez-Arino Credit: Amazon

According to an alarming report by the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, hunting for ivory from elephants has increased twelve-fold over the past three decades.

As a result, elephant populations have dropped exponentially from around 1.3million to just 400,000.

Eduardo Gonçalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, says:

"The trophy hunting industry is slaughtering elephants left, right and center. Killing elephants for fun is unacceptable, even more so because of the seriousness of the current crisis. The recent surge in elephant hunting shows that the industry is out of control."