Trader Joe's is making an advent calendar specifically for cats

Trader Joe's is making an advent calendar specifically for cats

When it comes to the festive season, many people feel the urge to get their pet something for Christmas. But what to get? Dogs are pretty easy to cater for: a big juicy treat or some other toy will usually make them happy. But what about your cat? They're a little harder to get something for. What would make a good present for them?

Well if you're looking for the perfect present for your own feline friend this year, then I have good news for you. The grocery store Trader Joe's is making a special advent calendar just for cats, filled with snacks which they can enjoy in the run-up to December 25.

Check out this hilarious video of a cat sneakily turning off an alarm: 

The product comes after the success of a similar dog-themed advent calendar released last year. The advent calendar will reportedly be available in Trader Joe's stores from November, and the boxes contain cardboard panels, which give your cat either a salmon and seaweed treat when opened, culminating in a gigantic, fish-shaped treat on Christmas day proper.

In a statement made on a Trader Joe's-related podcast Inside Trader Joe's, TJ’s Vice President of Merchandising Colin Fields commented on the product by stating: "Last year we came out with the dog advent calendar, which seemed pretty odd until we got out in the stores and there was quite a following for it."

He continued: "We heard from our feline-loving customers that we should have something for their cats. So we found it, we developed it and it’s pretty cool."

Watch the creepy trailer for Cats below: 

On the podcast, vice president of product marketing Matt Sloan even tried one of the treats himself. He didn't seem to enjoy it too much though, stating: "You know what? That's not good. But I'm not a cat."

So if you've got a pet at home that you want to treat, why not pick up one of these advent calendars for them? I'll be they'll really appreciate it.