Incredible footage shows a starfish 'walking' on a beach in North Carolina

Incredible footage shows a starfish 'walking' on a beach in North Carolina

Since time immemorial, we have been fascinated by the strange, the abnormal and the downright bizarre.

Perhaps this has something to do with the human spirit for exploration and delving into the unknown, perhaps it is more rudimentary; in a world of nearly seven and a half billion people, all of whom are relatively similar, we are starving for something a little bit different.

While some people are born with differences in their physical appearance that render them 'unusual' looking in comparison to the majority, others choose to enhance or alter their appearance though plastic surgery, possibly in a bid to stand out from the crowd, or merely to satisfy an instinct they have felt all of their lives.

Even in the animal kingdom, we remain fascinated with creatures that differ from the norm; the rarer the better, the more alien and strange looking, the stronger our preoccupation.

When it comes to the surreal, the ocean pretty much takes the biscuit; creatures of the deep are often terrifying, other-wordly looking specimens not immediately reconcilable with what we might consider Earth dwelling beings.

Whether some sinister fish lurking deep beneath the ocean's surface, or a creature in circumstances we wouldn't normally associate with their natural behavioural patterns; a fish out of water, if you will, we lap it up in morbid curioisity.

Take, for example, the astonishing footage that recently emerged of a starfish "walking" along a beach in Corolla, North Carolina.

Far outside of its comfort zone, the creature was witnessed painstakingly making its way across the sandy shore by Zeb Hallock, who captured footage of the bizarre scene before safely returning the creature to the watery habitat from whence it came.

The starfish is seen using the multiple fur-like cilia on the underside of its frame to make its way over the sand, as Hallock describes the scene;

"We noticed there were starfish walking around on the sand near the water.

"Some were in tide pools but some were just strolling on the sand, very very very slowly. 

"The ones that were on the sand we carefully relocated back to the ocean or a tide pool. 

"Other people coming out to the beach were fascinated by the large amount of starfish and helped relocate the walkers to the water as well."

Though the footage was shot some time ago, in October 2012, it was only uploaded to Facebook extremely recently, and has quickly garnered millions of views as internet users everywhere marvel at the strange phenomenon.

It's safe to say the Hallock's footage has made a splash, with viewer comments ranging from "Did not know they have feet!" to "THANK YOU! Those poor things would have never been able to survive if they hadn't have helped!".

It's a bizarre sight that many probably would have never seen if it wasn't for Hallock's footage, and with the starfish returned to the ocean, there's smiles all round at the end of this story.