You can finally 'unsend' embarrassing WhatsApp messages

You can finally 'unsend' embarrassing WhatsApp messages

Thank the heavens above because WhatsApp is releasing a new feature to make sure you never send an awkwardly sexual message to your grandma EVER again. Say goodbye to texting your boss "See u soon, can't wait to get smashed tonite!" when you told them you couldn't work the night shift on account of a terrible fever.

Developers have been looking at including the feature for a while now, although early reports had people thinking it would be called the "recall" or "revoke" feature. But now, they've confirmed that a sly little "unsend" will be popping up on devices instead.

WhatsApp in their FAQ section said that the unsend feature is particularly useful "if you sent a message in the wrong chat or if the message you sent contains a mistake". Well, duh.

It means you'll be able to immediately delete any inappropriate messages that you sent your boss by accident, and any other variations thereof that'll otherwise ruin your life forever. Hitting "unsend" means your sent message will completely disappear from your chat forever, and neither you nor the person will ever see it again. Halleluja!

But! there's a catch. You'll only have seven minutes after sending the message to unsend it for good. Why seven? Who knows, but it does make the whole thing seem more mystical. So on minute eight after you've sent that detrimental autocorrect mishap, sorry pal... but it's there for good.

Another thing – the feature will only work if you and the person you're messaging are using the latest updated version of WhatsApp. The exciting news is that the latest version that includes the unsend feature will be available to your phone in the next few weeks, and if not in the next few days.

If you've already gone and updated your app, and provided your friends and other WhatsApp acquaintances have too, then you'll be ready to use the unsend feature to your heart's content. So how exactly will it work, you ask?

All you need to do it select the rogue message you want to erase from the history of the entire universe, hold on the message then select "delete" from the little menu that pops up, and then "delete for everyone". If you do all this within the seven-minute window, then you and the one or multiple people in that conversation won't be able to see it.

But, even when your dud message is successfully deleted "for everyone", it's not like no trace of it ever having been existed will be seen in their WhatsApp. You'll have a nice reassuring little message that tells you "this message was deleted" (phew), but the person in that conversation will see it too, so they'll know that you've censored yourself.

I mean, it might make them curious enough to ask what it was, but you'll still be way less embarrassed fumbling around with an excuse than actually having them see that first message anyway.

Plus, there's no guarantee that the recipient won't have seen the message before you realise your error and hastily deleted it from the conversation. You'd just better hope that the person (for whatever absurd reason) hasn't been looking at their phone in the past ten minutes.

And finally, another disclaimer from WhatsApp says that you won't be notified if the deletion was not successful for whatever reason, so just double check you actually did it properly.

Well, in any case, the new unsend feature does sound like a lifesaver. So keep your eyes peeled for any new updates and thank me later folks.