Chris Brown's little girl is having a birthday party that will make you jealous

Chris Brown's little girl is having a birthday party that will make you jealous

For most of us, our 16th birthday consisted of receiving a few cards, a present or two and maybe going out for a nice meal at Outback Steakhouse with our parents. If you were really lucky, you might have had a few friends round for a (totally sober) party, probably in your back yard.

But if you've ever watched MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen, then you'll know that for some teenagers, things are a bit different. After all, is it really your birthday if you don't throw a shamelessly extravagant celebration, complete with prom dress, white suits, ponies and sports cars? Oh, and don't forget the chart topping megastar to serenade you in front of your friends.

However, there's one little lady that isn't going to have to wait until she reaches her sweet-sixteen to be treated like a queen for a day. In fact, she's doing it at just four years old. According to reports from celebrity news website TMZ, rapper Chris Brown has splashed out an insane $30,000 on his daughter Royalty's fourth birthday party, which is being held on Sunday.

It's fair to say that Royalty will be living up to her name on her big day, with a selection of Disney princesses including Jasmine and Cinderella reportedly attending to entertain all of the tiny guests. There will also be a fairy godmother on hand to keep everything running smoothly. Of course, every princess needs a horse and carriage, so that'll be taken care of too, along with a grand duke and coachman.

However, when it comes to the perfect birthday banquet, Royalty seems to have the same tastes as every other four-year-old: sugar, more sugar and a little bit of grease. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will reportedly be served, along with mac and cheese and burgers. For the grown-ups, there's a selection of more sophisticated food including crab cakes, California rolls, shrimp tempura.

And no party is complete without an appearance from someone famous, so it's rumoured there will be performances from KIDZ BOP, as well as R&B singer Tone Stith. Whether Royalty's famous dad will get up and belt out a tune or two isn't clear, but given that he's a chart topper himself, it'd be almost rude not to. But then, I guess the dreaded dad dancing is always a bit embarrassing, even if you are only four and they're kind of a big deal to everyone else.

The soirée appears to show that a truce has been reached between Brown and Royalty's mother Nia Guzman, the two of whom have been locked in a custody battle for some time now. In the past, the two have always thrown separate parties for their little princess.

All in all, it looks like it's shaping up to be a pretty amazing day, what with Cinderella, Jasmine, mac-and-cheese and shrimp tempura. Can we come? There is just one thing though - if this is what Brown manages to pull off for Royalty's fourth birthday, he's already setting the bar high for when it does finally get to her sweet 16. Now that will be some bash.