Company transforms your kids' artwork into beautiful jewelry you can treasure forever

Company transforms your kids' artwork into beautiful jewelry you can treasure forever

Child art, much like actual children, is very much a personal thing. If the child happens to be yours, a squiggly dog with seven legs can be as priceless as a Picasso. Nothing is quite worth treasuring as the imagination of your children.

However, for those parents eager to make room on an overly clustered fridge, there is now a way to turn their childhood scribbles into something timeless that you'll treasure forever. Thanks to a company based in Turkey, your brood can now become sculptors and jewelers, as well as abstract illustrators. 

Tasarim Takarim, who operate out of Istanbul, have made it their mission to “turn your children's drawings into unique jewelleries [sic.],” providing everything from tabletop decorations to delicate necklaces and bracelets. Finally, talented toddlers can have the platform they deserve.

According to the Tasarim Takarim website:

“(The company) believe that children’s art is the most important building block of the creativity. And appreciation of the children's drawing is the best way to support them. We are applying the kids drawing to unique & precious jewelry every day with more love and joy [sic].”

The result is a range of personal pieces that somehow straddle the ill-defined line between, sentimental, weirdly intriguing, and adorably terrible. It’s a compelling combination that any parent will absolutely love.

As stated on the website, the drawings can be applied to either sterling silver or gold plate, meaning that you have a range of options for showcasing your child's imaginitive artistic movement.

The products are available both on Amazon and Etsy, where they enjoy a 5-star rating from more than 170 reviews.