Creepy video shows boy's reflection appearing to move faster than he does

Creepy video shows boy's reflection appearing to move faster than he does

It seems that every passing day people's obsession with the paranormal continues to grow. Now, a video has gone viral of a little boy pulling faces in a mirror - not because the boy is cute or because his faces are funny, but because something quite freaky happens when he goes to step away from his reflection.

It seems that when the boy is finished making faces and turns to leave the mirror, his reflection moves before he does! It's unbelievably strange and definitely looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Check out the video below to see the creepy footage for yourself:

The video was shot in the little boy's home by his mother in San Antonio, Texas. She originally uploaded the footage to Snapchat with the caption, "Is it just me or did his reflection walk away quicker than he did?" The video was subsequently shared on all kinds of social media and has over 100,000 shares on Twitter alone.

Totally weird, right? How is it possible that the boy's reflection disappears in the mirror before he moves away? Is there something seriously creepy going on, or is there a real-world explanation for what's happening? Well, as is often the case with viral sensations, the video has completely divided people on social media.

Credit: Jolynn/Twitter

The internet has made all sorts of speculations about how this works, but most social media commenters have been left stumped. The confusion has reached the level of the blue and black or white and gold dress meme fiasco, or possibly even to the level of Laurel vs. Yanny! Could it be proof that ghosts exist? Or is it a glimpse into another dimension?

Credit: Twitter/@wizardx

One Twitter user wrote, "I've never heard of a mirror that's got a .5 second delay." While another said, "Everybody knows mirror images are from another dimension, they can do what they want." Some even went as far as to suggest that the video implied that the little boy had been possessed by a demon. 

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To be fair, mirrors do have a long history of being associated with other-worldly things. Just think of Alice in Wonderland when she falls through the looking glass. And don't forget the old superstition that breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck! There are also plenty of religions that require one to cover all the mirrors in a house after a loved one passes away. It's said to prevent the soul from getting trapped inside one. Witches and vampires are also rumored to have no reflection.

Credit: Jolynn/Twitter

So, with that in mind, even some of the wilder suggestions on social media don't seem quite so far fetched. But although there are superstitions galore revolving around mirrors, rarely do we witness any strange phenomenon involving them in an actual video, let alone real life. However, before you go off thinking you've just watched the first scene in a real-life horror movie, there may be an explanation.

Credit: Twitter/@satxjolynn

The person who posted the video online was able to shed some light on what actually happened. Twitter user @satxjolynn said a day after posting it that the freaky illusion was actually caused by a combination of the angle of the mirror and the position she was sitting in. But this wasn't enough to convince everyone that the supernatural wasn't at play. 

Credit: Twitter/ @satxjolynn

So there you have it. It turns out there is an actual explanation, but are you buying it? It seems to be that sitting at a funny angle wouldn't necessarily cause a boy's reflection to move faster than he did. But then again, it's probably a better explanation than blaming demons or ghosts or some freaky other-worthly being.

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So perhaps next time you pass by a mirror, you'll decide to linger for a moment longer. Does your reflection match your movement? I hope so, but it may not be a guarantee! Maybe if you end up with a video like the one above, you should hire an exorcist just in case - alternatively, you could douse yourself in holy water.

And for another creepy incident caught on camera, check out what happened when this guy recorded himself sleeping. Things get very "Paranormal Activity" very quickly:

Explaining the physics behind the video, one social media user wrote, "It’s called a rolling shutter. The camera records from left to right, it doesn't capture the entire picture all at once." That being said, the fact that people are still questioning what's really happening definitely proves that even in 2018, science doesn't always have an answer to everything.