VT Originals: Donut Bouquets

VT Originals: Donut Bouquets

Donut Bouquets is a London-based company which allows people to send a fun and tasty alternative to a traditional bouquet of flowers. While most bouquets are accompanied by chocolates, Donut Bouquets cut out the middleman and give people what they really want, "because you can't eat flowers!"

Whether customers are simply looking to show their unique love for another person, or send a gift that will really hit the spot in a way that flowers can't, Donut Bouquets provides a high-quality, customizable product that's sure to impress.

Each bouquet consists of either eight or 12 donuts with up to three customizable flavors - chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. Wrapped up just like a floral bouquet, the tasty treat can be delivered the next day, provided the order is placed before 1PM.

What's more, customers have the opportunity to write a personalized message to accompany their tasty surprise!

To bring the product to a wider audience, VT approached Donut Bouquets to create an original video. Their product was a perfect fit for VT's audience, who respond well to unique, never before seen products that are guaranteed to make an impact.

The viral video is featured in its entirety below:

VT is famed for its ability to create viral branded content, and the final video showcases the product as a fun "edible surprise", comically featuring situations where it would be appropriate to send (such as when someone is in the doghouse), which is perfect for encouraging engagement.

One of VT's USPs is its ability to create content its audience will relate to and nowhere is that more apparent than in its original videos. To date, Donut Bouquets' video has received 43k likes, 45k comments, 29k shares and 3.8M views on Facebook as of March 2018, five months after it was posted.

So the next time you're looking to surprise someone, or simply brighten up their day, why not send a Donut Bouquet? It's the perfect way to let someone with a sweet tooth know that they're special, and, better still, the great taste they'll enjoy is entirely the result of the finest ingredients.