13 Perfectly timed photographs that will blow your mind

13 Perfectly timed photographs that will blow your mind

Occasionally, things just go wrong for no reason at all. We get stuck in traffic during our morning commute, spill the $5 coffee that we hastily purchased down our pristine, white shirt, and then have to endure a similar maelstrom of small catastrophes. It's moments like these, however, that we need to be reminded that things can go right. And there's no better example than these 13 photographs that will blow your mind with how perfectly timed they are. Some are funny, others touching, but they will all mess with your head in one way or the other...

1. It sure is hard being a substitute teacher 

2. The sun was in just the right place for this picture 

3. Is this the set of a horror movie, or something? 

4. This picture of a firefighter in the aftermath of the Mexico Earthquake is stunning 

5. *sniff sniff* 

6. The truck really looks like it's stealing the sun 

7. What is going on here?!

8. The phantom hairdo 

9. What a powerful bumblebee 

10. Horsing around 

Credit: Reddit

11. Keep looking, you'll spot it...

12. Holy s**t! 

13. Oh dear

Well, those were just perfect. You can't beat a case of absolute perfect timing, can you?

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