10 Dads who shouldn't be allowed on Facebook

10 Dads who shouldn't be allowed on Facebook

Whether it's "dad jokes" or "dad dancing", there is a gleeful embarrassing quality that men seem to attain as soon as they have had a few children. No one knows exactly how this phenomenon comes about, but it seems to be something inescapable. Even the coolest person you've ever met will be seen as lame awkward person in their child's life at some point in the future.

With the advent of social media, dad jokes can now be shared with the rest of the world, whether it's a son or daughter sharing their disbelief or the father themselves taking the embarrassment of their kids to the next level. When you see the following examples you may think that these people should be kept far away from Facebook, but at the same time you're glad that they shared the hilarity.

1. He just couldn't resist

2. Always helpful

3. When your dad responds to a Facebook hijacking

4. Too much information

5. A devious plan...

6. Not sure what to make of this one

7. Don't get him started

8. Just a quick reminder

9. Visual puns

10. Is it okay to block your dad?

Well there you go. If you thought your dad could be embarrassing, be glad that they're keeping themselves in check, unlike these fellas. I'm just thankful neither of my parents use social media, who knows what could happen if they did...