12 Things you do that make you look stupid without you realising

12 Things you do that make you look stupid without you realising

We've all had the misfortune of coming across as rather dim-witted in public, and we're all too familiar with the burning shame that seeps over us thereafter. Now, I don't know about you but I experience this scenario all too often, what with my complete lack of a sense of direction, and general clumsiness.

And because humankind is essentially cruel and cold, they love documenting instances when their nearest and dearest or their annoying coworker comes across as rather stupid, without realising it. I mean, just have a read of these rather mortifying scenarios:

1. Who would believe this?! 

2. Contrary to popular belief The Onion is not a reputable news source 

3. Sorry Stacey, but no one cares 

4. Wilfully ignorant people are the worst 

5. No, it doesn't make you cool 

6. I know sartorial preferences are highly personal, but... 

7. Trying to look smart can massively backfire 

8. Yup

9. It's 2017, come on!

10. Can no one have a civil discussion anymore? 

11. They really are two different things 

12. Age doesn't determine intelligence 

13. There's nothing worse 

Well, if that doesn't make you feel better about your shortcomings, I don't know what will. Ultimately, we've all looked stupid at some point or the other, and sometimes you've just got to laugh it off.

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