16 Celebrities who look equally amazing without any makeup

16 Celebrities who look equally amazing without any makeup

For us mere mortals of the world, aspiring to be like the celebrities we see on our screens every day can be tough. They've got dieticians and personal trainers to help them keep in shape, makeup artists and stylists to ensure they always look stunning at public events, and enough riches to ensure they only ever eat the finest food and use the best skin products.

Meanwhile, we're still wearing those holey jumpers we've saved from seven years ago, and convincing ourselves that potatoes are still one of our five a day.

And then you get celebrities who come along and prove that, even without the makeup and the fancy clothes, they still look a million times better than we could ever hope to. Here's just some of them...

1. Kim K's been keeping up with her skincare regime

2. Two natural beauties: Cara and Mona

3. Her husband may be a legend, but Chrissie Teigen is a sheer goddess

4. I'm going Gaga over this natural look (and the cake)

5. Gigi Ha-did it again with these killer looks (and Zayn ain't bad either)

6. Apparently these things run in families, as Bella demonstrates

7. Gwen, be a pal and share your anti-ageing tips, would you?

8. Laverne should be locked up, 'cause looking this good is just criminal

9. Georgia May might have the moves like Jagger - but she doesn't have his looks (fortunately)

10. Nicole, you'll always be a doll - makeup or not

11. Demi looks fresh in this post-pool selfie

12. This is as natural as Kylie gets 

13. No, this isn't an act, J-Law is just naturally amazing

14. She might be over 40, but Drew still looks like one of Charlie's Angels

15. There's a reason Bey is queen

16. And one final Kardashian to complete the list: Kourtney working her best angle

Let's face it: we're never going to look like the Kardashians. Or Chrissie Teigen. Or Lady Gaga. Look, the world is just unfair, ok? But even though we may not look like this lot, we're all beautiful in our own right. So own your body, you were born with and embrace who you are.