16 Of the most embarrassing situations anyone has ever been in

16 Of the most embarrassing situations anyone has ever been in

At one point or the other, we've all done something so embarrassing that it becomes an ingrained memory in our minds, ready and waiting to resurface at the most inopportune of moments. Certainly, you could be in the most innocuous of places; waiting for your cashier to ring up your groceries or standing in line, and out of nowhere the same creeping feeling of shame will wash over you, turning your face into a mottled shade of scarlet and causing your hands to perspire.

The good news is that everyone has experienced such things, especially those of us who are accursed with any of the following: clumsiness, a paltry sense of direction or word vomit syndrome. So in order to make ourselves feel better, here are 16 of the most mortifying situations anyone has ever been in:

1. Oops 

2. She made quite the first impression 

3. This is so awkward 

4. Well at least they're self aware...

5. Just a bit of miscommunication here...

6. A+ for effort 

7. Oh dear 

8. It must have been a very fragrant dip 

9. Excellent table manners 

10. No, it's not the same thing 

11. Who knows the difference? 

12. A tiny mistake 

13. She won't be invited to the next one...

14. What happens at work, stays at work? 

15. This one is going to need some explanation 

16. Well, we found it funny 

Well, I'm sure you feel better about whatever embarrassing situation you have got yourself into most recently. After all, there's always someone who has it worse...