16 Tweets that make less sense every time you read them

16 Tweets that make less sense every time you read them

While the world is a weird place, it becomes more and more evident that humans are even more bizarre. I mean, think about all of the times that you have started giggling at a distant memory, to yourself, on a packed train. And then there are those intrusive thoughts that tend to come into our minds at the most inappropriate of moments...

Normally just as you are drifting off to sleep, you'll begin pondering some of life's most existential questions like "do bald people use soap or shampoo" and whilst you're trying to distinguish between ripe and unripe avocados in the grocery store, you'll stop in your tracks, bamboozled by the fact that round pizza comes in a square box.

So in honour of life's many eccentricities, here are 16 tweets that make less and less sense the more you read them:

1. I'm incredibly perplexed

2. Children really shouldn't play with their food 

3. The hamster must be on crack 

4. I can't believe that no one has ever thought of this 

5. "I must have it" 

6. Well, this is terrifying 

7. Why? 

8. This is bizarre 

9. Awkward

10. Er, okay... 

11. The best of both worlds 

12. Wait, what? 

13. I really want to know the story behind this 

14. This is downright scary 

15. Who knew that cargo shorts had some much empathy  

16. This is too much 

Well, that's enough food for thought to keep us procrastinating all day long. You're welcome. In other weird news, here are 14 common words that you never realised you were pronouncing incorrectly...