This artists turns cute and cuddly Pokémon characters into hideous beasts

This artists turns cute and cuddly Pokémon characters into hideous beasts

Many of us will have grown up with Pokémon, whether it was the cards, the numerous video games or the anime series. With those quirky creatures burned into the memories of even those of us who stopped playing long ago, it can be strange to see that its huge fanbase are still out there making the weirdest material. Yet some of these creations are really worth a look, like artist David Szilagyi's nightmarish recreations.

Szilagyi, who used to work as a concept artist in the video game industry, is inspired primarily by dark classic literature. "I was raised on Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark, Beksinski, H.R. Giger, Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, H.P. Lovecraft, Guillermo Del Toro, Pokemon, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Dead Space, F.E.A.R., Slender, Silent Hill, Akira, The Guyver, among many other wonderful classics," his Patreon page states, "I love the worlds and lore that these experiences provide me, and I’m here to give that experience back to the world, one horrific image at a time."

Check these new horrific versions of Pokémon creatures out for yourself. They won't be easy to forget...

1. Ivysaur

2. Grimer

3. Charmander

4. Squirtle

5. Ekans

6. Cloyster

7. Slowbro

8. Pikachu

9. Jigglypuff

10. Zubat

11. Alakazam

12. Weepinbell

13. Doduo

14. Gengar

15. Caterpie

16. Haunter

Now that you have the prime nightmare material to work with, good luck sleeping tonight. But if you want to see more of Szilagyi's strange alternate version of these pocket monsters, you can check out his Instagram or his Patreon page.