Blake Lively used Ryan Gosling to create the most savage birthday message for Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively used Ryan Gosling to create the most savage birthday message for Ryan Reynolds

In a world of micro-managed public personas, each more meticulously media trained than the last, it can sometimes feel as though there are few true "personalities" left in the polished culture of Hollywood.

There is simply too much at stake for many of these A-list film stars to risk anything that might be misconstrued or else taken as offensive by a mass market that makes up much of their fan base. This rings particularly true on social media, where meaning can so easily be mistaken, sarcasm is (apparently) hard to detect and there are quite literally millions of people ready to leap on any conceivable slight with such astonishing gusto as to be impossible to ignore.

Perhaps this is why we all flock to the few seemingly genuine - or at least interesting - individuals out there in the glossy world of celebrity. Ricky Gervais won as many new fans as enemies as a consequence of his rip-roaring Golden Globes hosting stints, in which he tore into some of the most famous names in Hollywood with gleeful gusto.

Then there's Ryan Reynolds; the impossibly good looking Hollywood hunk with a considerable amount to lose and no need to present himself as anything other than Mr Nice Guy on social media.

Seemingly fully aware of his clean cut image, Reynolds has made a habit of hilariously subverting popular expectation of him on social media, with his uproarious tweets about his family life proving immensely popular. It's not hard to see why.

Married to Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds represents one half of a veritable Hollywood power couple, though by misrepresenting their family life in such brutally hilarious fashion, Reynolds has lived up to the irreverence of his eponymous character in the wildly popular Deadpool.

Blake Lively, it would seem, is the perfect match for Reynolds, not only sharing his dizzying good looks, but also his wicked sense of humour.

She exhibited this quick wit in brilliant style in what might just be the best Happy Birthday message since Reynolds' own message to Lively last year, in which he posted a photo of the two of them with the Gossip Girl actress cropped almost entirely out of the image.

Not to be outdone, this year was Lively's turn to get some revenge on her dastardly husband, and she did in what might be the tweet of 2017 thus far. Playing on the common public misconception of mistaking her husband, Ryan Reynolds, to fellow Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively posted this wonderful tweet, which shows Gosling in full, with her husband cropped almost completely out of the photo.

Fans will now be waiting with bated breath to see what Reynolds has up his sleeve in terms of a comeback, but one thing is for certain; this is one couple with an absolutely wicked sense of humour.