Chris Pratt issues threat to 'predator' who is impersonating him to prey on women

Chris Pratt issues threat to 'predator' who is impersonating him to prey on women

Chris Pratt is one of the most popular A-list actors around, and that's precisely because he wasn't the typical fit for the part even four years ago. While he did star in a number of movies in supporting roles, he initially rose to prominence for his portrayal of the idiotic and adorable Andy Dwyer in the sitcom Parks and Recreation.

But in 2014 he hit the big time by landing a gig as the lead character in the superhero space opera Guardians of the Galaxy, which surprised audiences by taking comic book characters barely anyone had heard of and making a hit movie out of it.

After having a full transformation into a hunky action star, he went on to star the comic book movie's sequel and headline other blockbusters such as Jurassic World. Despite his elevation into the go-to movie star of the last few years, he's remained as down-to-earth as ever, with his social media accounts like Instagram often being hilarious.

But now he's used his Instagram account to spread a very serious message about an imposter who is using his name to get to his female fans:

"PERVY DUDE ALERT!!! (Not a joke) It’s confirmed: somebody is trying to pretend to be me on Facebook (and maybe other social media platforms) apparently hitting on a lot of different female fans, trying to get their numbers and who knows what else. I’m not joking."

"Please know, I find this behavior reprehensible. If I find out who it is I’ll have their account shut down and seriously would like to punch them right in the GD mouth. You hear that imposter!? Stop."

He then went on give advice on how to find out exactly how to know whether it's really him or not across the social media platforms he uses. He told his fans that if they are contacted by someone claiming to be him, to look for the blue 'verified' checkmark that shows up next to official accounts.

"I’m sorry. Tell your siblings. Educate our young ones. It’s probably mostly kids who would fall for this. Makes me sick," he wrote. "It terrifies me to think someone could be hurt, their feelings or much worse, by this imposter/potential predator." Unfortunately Pratt says that he's had "many, many people" report to him that this has happened, but his concern turned to anger - issuing a threat to the imposter:

"If it’s you doing it, I’m warning you. Stop right now or you will@be very unhappy with the outcome. Go find Jesus. ? praying for you."

Hopefully this will be enough for the fake accounts to be shut down by Instagram and Facebook, or at least inform those who might be tricked into thinking it's the real Chris Pratt messaging them. Then there's always the chance that Pratt scared the imposter off and they'll stay far away from this scheme.