Diplo 'Kloned' himself for Yeezy Season 6 and the photos are hilarious

Diplo 'Kloned' himself for Yeezy Season 6 and the photos are hilarious

It's getting a bit hard to Keep Up, isn't it? What with the birth of the new baby (via surrogate), the raunchy new g-string and fur photos shot in the seedy-looking hotel room, and the related backlash to Kim calling her cornrows "Bo Derek braids", the lives of the Kardashian West family has been eventual of late.

Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West continue to dominate the public eye, and day after day there's something new to report. It became even harder to keep track when shortly after the whole braid saga, a bunch of Kim "Klones" appeared to be taking over the world in a series of photos published online.

As part of a new promotional campaign for Kanye's fashion line Yeezy, the rapper's wife-slash-media-mogul-superstar helped to put #YEEZYSEASON6 together by hiring a bunch of models and celebrities to dress up just like her and get some paparazzi-style shots of them getting out of cars, talking on the phone, holding coffees and other various activities we see celebrities doing in the great outdoors.

This is one of the boldest of the marketing campaigns for the clothing line, with Kim's long-time friend Paris Hilton leading the campaign alongside Abigail Ratchford, Jordyn Woods and the Clermont twins. They each wore a wig resembling Kim's signature long, silver-dyed locks of late, as well as various items from the latest Yeezy collection, which appears to primarily be made of crop tops, bike shorts, tracksuit pants, hoodies and other tight-fitting garments in neutral shades of blue, green and brown colours.

The photos are very convincing, and while it's scary to realise that no, none of these women are actually Kim Kardashian, it's kind of more disturbing to see them all at once and imagine what an army of Kim Klones would be like descending upon us.

The campaign received a lot of attention, and it had some people wishing that they'd been given the opportunity to transform into Kim K for a day too. Like Diplo. Yep, the 39-year-old skinny white boy DJ who's worked with Major Lazer and Skrillex and who caught media attention last year for his feud with pop princess Taylor Swift – turns out he wants to be Kloned too.

And so he did it himself. In a hilarious set of pictures posted to Twitter and Instagram, the world was introduced to Diplo Kardashian. While it doesn't look like it's part of the official campaign (cry), the pictures are still pretty great.

He can be seen wearing a platinum blonde wig, wearing tracksuit pants and casually walking around – you guessed it – holding a coffee and lingering near a car, reminiscent of the official #YEEZYSEASON6 pics. People responded to the pictures with glee, taking to Twitter to express their appreciation for Diplo's creativity.

And even Kim found them funny, commenting on the pictures with a series of laughing-face emojis.

From the bottom of my heart, Diplo – thank you.