Hugh Hefner's final tweets showed a side to him nobody knew about

Hugh Hefner's final tweets showed a side to him nobody knew about

Around the world, people are still in shock at the tragic passing, the founder of the iconic Playboy Magazine and main tenant of the fabled Playboy Mansion. Playboy Enterprises announced earlier today that Hugh Hefner had passed away of natural causes at the Playboy Mansion. He was 91 years old.

His son, Cooper Hefner, paid tribute to his father when he said that Hefner would be "greatly missed by many". He also hailed his dad for his "exceptional and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer", calling him a huge advocate for not only sexual freedom, but for civil rights and free speech as well.

Living in a mansion with nothing but beautiful models to keep him company, Hefner was understandably the envy of an entire generation of men, who would have given anything to experience one day at the helm of Playboy Mansion. It wasn't all babes and partying for Hugh Hefner, though, and his very final tweet showed a very different side to this celebrated man.

Over the last couple of months, hurricane season has devastated many parts of the United States and the Caribbean; millions of people have lost their homes, some even losing their lives. Although Playboy Mansion was spared from the adverse weather conditions far away in Los Angeles, that didn't stop the 91-year-old Hefner from asking his nearly 1.5 million-strong Twitter following to donate to the cause.

Thanks to the sexually liberal nature of his magazine and the depiction of his lifestyle, Hugh Hefner was sometimes criticised for being little more than a dirty old man, but the media narrative often completely forgot his kinder, more philanthropic side. In the wake of his death, his final tweet has taken up new significance, and people have replied to his final tweet nine days later to pay their respects to one of pop culture's longest-serving pioneers.

Outside of his campaigning for hurricane relief efforts, Hugh Hefner was an active player in many an altruistic act, donating significant portions of his fortune to political and humanitarian causes.

So impressive were his efforts, the nonprofit organisation Children of the Night, who work to curb child prostitution around the world, presented Hefner with the first-ever Founder's Hero of the Heart Award in 2010, for his "unwavering dedication, commitment and generosity".

"No one has been more important in launching, developing and maintaining Children of the Night and its groundbreaking work of rescuing America’s children from the ravages of prostitution."

Of course, everyone on Earth is only here for a limited time, and we each have a responsibility to make as good of an impact as we can on the world around us. Some people may remember Hugh Hefner as the guy who spent all of his time with beautiful, scantily-clad women, but his final tweet and various kind acts showed that his legacy deserves much, much more.

Rest in peace, Hugh Hefner, you will be dearly missed by many across the world. Our thoughts go out to Cooper Hefner and the rest of Hugh Hefner's family at this difficult time.