'Human Ken Doll' vows to re-evaluate his life after being detained at Dubai airport

'Human Ken Doll' vows to re-evaluate his life after being detained at Dubai airport

I remember thinking at the end of last year that 2017 would be a much better year than 2016. As I'm sure you are all aware of, this wasn't exactly the case. Just take a quick glance at the headlines today and you'll be reminded how ridiculous and temperamental things have gotten recently. But if one thing's for sure, Rodrigo Alves is having a pretty rough 2017 too.

You may remember that Alves, who is more commonly known as the "Human Ken Doll", was targeted by a gang of women in a bar who made off with his money. At the time he said that those events "taught me to be more wary about my surroundings", and he ended up hiring two bodyguards to avoid that kind of situation arising once again. Yet that wasn't the end of his troubles, as he has now been detained at Dubai airport.

Alves has spent 15 years using cosmetic surgery to become a "perfect man", which lead to his infamous viral nickname. His interest in altering his looks began at the age of 17, and since then he has spent over $500,000 on this particular passion. Yet now the 34-year-old has been held back at the airport for hours after his face no longer matched his passport photo.

He was entering the United Arab Emirates to attend the launch of a new hotel, but was held back for three hours before he was allowed entry. Since this, he has now vowed to never have surgery again, unless it's for "maintenance". Seeing as he has had eight surgeries just on his nose, this is definitely a sharp cut down for the man who loves transforming his appearance so drastically.

Alves spoke about his experience with the Daily Mail, saying:

"This experience has made me think a lot and made me analyse myself and the decisions I’ve made in the past. But I can’t change them, so from now on it will be constant maintenance, maintenance."

It seems like he's going to continue adding to his appearance, even if he does seem to have some regrets. But rather than stop where he is now, he sees himself making further transformations in the future.

"The kind of changes I’ll be undergoing from now on won’t be plastic surgery as such but rather procedures that focus on my bones and structure.

"It took me 15 years to become the Rodrigo Alves that you see today, now I have few more years to become something else. I just get bored of the same old look and I like to challenge myself."

He has remarked before that he would prefer to grow old as a woman than a man, but who knows what form he will take in the future. If you are interested in what Alves was like in long before these events, you're in luck, as he recently revealed what he looked like before his numerous cosmetic surgeries.