Kim Kardashian responds to claims she 'stole' the designs for kids clothing line

Kim Kardashian responds to claims she 'stole' the designs for kids clothing line

The Kardashians have so many different business ventures, across all the siblings and half-sisters, that it gets hard to keep track of. There are all kinds of TV shows, spin-offs, fashion and make-up lines, just to name a few. On top of all of this, each of them make tens of thousands for each Instagram post, even if they aren't promoting a product.

One of the latest things to come out of the Kardashian clan is Kids Supply, a line of clothing for children launched by Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West. But rather than go smoothly and produce even more money for them to launch even more businesses and TV shows, this line has been accused of stealing designs.

Recently, the fashion Instagram account Diet Prada accused the company of ripping off the work, with mention of two particular designers: Rei Kawakubo and Demna Gvasalia.

The major criticism was aimed at one jacket, which Kids Supply seems to have ripped off entirely. People realised the incredibly similarity between the Comme des Garcons x Kosho & Co. souvenir jacket, and the one released by Kids Supply. You can see the comparison below:

The designs are practically identical, making it look as if there was no chance this was a coincidence or accidental in any way.

In the same Instagram post they also called Kid Supply out for copying another silver dress, which has a very similar design to the one worn by Kim's daughter North.


Now, in a turn of events, Kim has revealed that Kids Supply are now going to raise money for charity using these two pieces. In fact, despite not informing the designers, the official position from the company is that these are homages to the original designs.

An official statement from a spokesperson for Kim has been released to set things straight:

"The idea behind Kids Supply is to give people the opportunity to purchase things that would never be available for children otherwise."

"We decided to release the Demna dress after making one on our own for North because it got such a great reaction and an overflow of people wanting it for their own children. We named it the Demna dress to pay homage to him as it was one of Kim and North’s favorite mommy and me moments."

"The Rei jacket was a mixture of some our favourite souvenir jacket art. We have been collecting for years and have an archive of them. We named it the Rei Jacket out of the utmost respect for her. 100% of the proceeds from both pieces will be donated to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles."

It seems to me like regardless of what their reasoning for taking the designs, or reactions to being called out, these designs were taken without their creators permission, which is pretty messed up. And while changing the name of the designs and giving the proceeds to charity is good, it doesn't make up for that.