Malia Obama has been photographed kissing her British boyfriend she met at Harvard

Malia Obama has been photographed kissing her British boyfriend she met at Harvard

Malia Obama is in a bit of a predicament, really. Despite the fact her father is no longer President of the USA, every move that the Havard student does is still scrutinised by the press. Now, unfortunately for the 19-year-old, she has been photographed eating the face (not literally) of her new British boyfriend.

When I was a teenager, I absolutely hated my parents knowing anything about my private life. So, if like Malia, I suffered the indignity of them seeing a photo of me making out with my then-flame, I think I would have disappeared into a pit of pure embarrassment and shame.

The daughter of former President, Barack Obama, was pictured kissing her boyfriend and a Havard football match against Yale. Malia's new squeeze is believed to be Rory Farquharson, 19,  fellow Havard student from the UK.

Rory attended the prestigious, £11,500 a term Rugby School, where he represented the school in sports such as golf and rugby, as well as being part of a chemistry club called the Blue Bunsen Society. He was also selected "head of school" at the private school for the year 2015 -2016 and was described as a popular student who was considered to be "quite a catch" according to one old school friend.

Mr Farquharson spent the summer as an intern with the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building in Northern Ireland, after completing his A-Levels.

Rory is from a wealthy background, his father Charles, 57, who has a degree in law from St Catharine's College, Cambridge, is the Chief Executive of Insight Investment Management Limited in London. His mother, Catherine, 58, is a qualified accountant who currently sits as a layperson on financial and legal tribunals at London's Upper Tribunal.

It appears that Rory is interested in following his father's career path, with the student following several backing-related accounts on Twitter. He also appears to be a vocal critic of Donald Trump, with Rory retweeting a post suggesting that Mr Trump's "populism" was unlikely to last more than a year. However, interestingly, Rory follows Mr Trump and not Mr Obama on the social media platform.

In the footage above, Ms Obama can be seen chatting with her boyfriend before wrapping her arms around the young man and going in for a kiss. It's believed Barack Obama is aware of the situation, with the former president joking last year that he knew that his daughters had begun dating. The 56-year-old said he was "pretty relaxed" about the situation as the family still have secret service protection:

"They've had Secret Service. There's only so much these guys can do," he said.

Still, while Obama seems like a decent enough guy, no doubt Rory will feel some nerves when he eventually has to meet him. I mean, how do you act around a former US President, especially when you're dating his daughter?