Mia Khalifa absolutely ruined by former basketball player for sliding into his DMs

Mia Khalifa absolutely ruined by former basketball player for sliding into his DMs

As we scale ever more dizzying heights of technological advancement, certain sacrifices have been made on our behalf, in search of ever more futuristic imaginings.

Perhaps the single biggest abdication that has been made to an invisible omniscient entity is that of our privacy.

Once cherished, our privacy is now a tradeable commodity available to the highest bidder. We blithely hand over our personal information to multi-national companies without so much as a backward glance; the rammifications of which will undoubtedly become clear in the coming years.

Closer to home still, the omnipotent nature of social media; a leviathon that has come to influence our culture in astonishing fashion, means that, whatever we post online, whether through "private" messaging or public forums, is liable to be shared and read by any interested party.

Few know this better than the myriad of men who have attempted to slide into Mia Khalifa's DM's over the years. Presumably with imaginings of some romantic liaison or another, many a man has attempted to woo Khalifa over social media, with somewhat predictable consequences.

The former adult movie star has become renowned for the manner in which she brutally calls out the would be Lotharios that so plague her social media profiles, to the extent that it seems ludicrous that her suitors continue to make attempts on her affections.

In a stunning turn of events, though, it would appear that the worm has finally turned against Khalifa, after former NBA All Star Gilbert Arenas called her out for sliding into his DMs.

Captioning pictures of her direct messages in a somewhat x-rated Instagram post, the politest bit of which reads, "@miakhalifa would slide in my dm #fortheD ??the thirst is real since backpage is gone", Arenas posted some pretty damning messages from the former adult star. She wrote;

"Hey! I'm back in LA, it was so nice meeting you last time I was here. Do you wanna grab dinner or something? I don't know too many people out here lol".

But it didn't stop there; Khalifa sent another two messages to the former NBA star without response, before writing "Damn no love for the DC fam", after which Arenas decided it was time to share the messages.

Firing back on Twitter, Khalifa wrote "Is Gilbert Arenas even relevant anymore?".

It is definitely a case of the shoe being on the other foot for Mia Khalifa, who just last month exposed Cubs centre fielder Wilson Contreras after he sent her a number of messages without response.

Though some might consider Arenas' post as Khalifa getting her just desserts after a slew of instances in which she has called out athletes for attempting to slide into her DMs, it might also be fair to say that his accompanying caption to the Instagram post took things way too far.

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