10 Things Meghan Markle won't be able to do once she becomes royal

10 Things Meghan Markle won't be able to do once she becomes royal

Most girls grow up wanting to be princesses - for many, it's a veritable right of passage, right there next to Barbie dolls and all other effluvia that comes hand-in-hand with being a little girl. However, once we mature, we inevitably swap out dreams of the crown jewels for aspirations to enter professions such as medicine and law. While the tiaras are dazzling, and the whole notion of being a princess is endlessly beguiling, it's apparent that being a royal isn't just a big game of dress up - it's a job, just like any other.

With news that American actress, Meghan Markle is due to marry Prince Harry in the Spring, the 36-year-old was the envy of women everywhere. However, such individuals may want to take pause, as when Meghan joins the royal family she will be forced to give up common liberties, many of which we take for granted. Here are 10 things Meghan will no longer be able to do once she becomes a royal.

1. Take selfies 

Meghan appears to have already mastered this rule. While she was attending her first official event with Prince Harry in early December, the future royal purportedly told a couple who asked for a selfie that "We're not allowed to do selfies".

She probably won't be able to use all the fun Instagram and Snapchat filters, or post selfies of herself on social media, either. Say goodbye that puppy filter, Meghan!

2. Go out in public alone

Like every member of the royal family, Meghan will have security accompany her wherever she goes - for obvious reasons.

3. Sign autographs 

Aside from official signings at royal engagements, royals are prohibited from signing autographs for the public. The reason is that someone could forge the signature and use it against the family.

4. Use social media 

Meghan will probably be joining Harry, Kate and Will under the official Kensington Royal social media accounts. The trio have been updating the public on the charities they have been supporting, and having one account provides an insightful, but controlled, line of communication between the royal family and their citizens.

5. Show public displays of affection 

According to royal etiquette expert, Myka Meier, though there's no official protocol against PDA, "Meghan and Prince Harry holding hands at a royal engagement is a refreshingly modern approach to their new role both as a couple and as representative of the royal family.” As such, we're unlikely to see much in the way of smooching going forward.

6. Vote

Although Meghan will be granted British citizenship after her marriage to Prince Harry, it's unlikely that she will participate in future UK elections. As the official parliament website states: "Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election." While this applies to Queen Elizabeth II, a spokesperson from Buckingham Palace told Newsweek in June 2017 that extended members of the royal family choose not to vote "by convention".

7. Wear dark or colourful nail varnish

According to royal protocol, royals are only allowed to wear "natural" coloured nail polish at official events.

8. Cross her legs while sitting 

It's frowned upon when a female member of the royal family crosses her legs. Certainly, Kate Middleton can often be found sitting in "the Duchess slant", which sees her legs slanted to one side.

9. Go to sleep before the Queen 

This, thankfully, only applies when Meghan is staying in the same place as Her Royal Highness.

10. Open presents on Christmas day

Every year, the royal family celebrates the festive season at Sandringham House with Queen Elizabeth. And according to convention, presents are opened on Christmas Eve, followed by church on Christmas day.

Well, there you have it. Being a princess isn't all that it's cracked up to be - I mean, I don't know about you, but I would never give up the puppy filter, not even for a veritable royal stud.