Here are all of the 12 genius ways Kylie Jenner has hidden her baby bump

Here are all of the 12 genius ways Kylie Jenner has hidden her baby bump

Kylie Jenner is pregnant, right? Or maybe she isn't? Is it all a publicity stunt? None of us really know, but the clues have mounted up over the last few months enough that it's pretty clear that there's something going on there.

What started out as a ridiculous fan theory and a slew of jokes online has become increasingly convincing with the way Kylie has disappeared from the public eye, only appearing in photos where a possible baby bump would be completely hidden from the world. Looking back on it, she seems to have found a lot of different ways to hide it (or pretend to hide it), as you can see in the list below.

1. Optical illusions

It's pretty handy that the mirror frame curves right where the bump would be.

2. T-shirt and sweats

Casual wear goes a long way.

3. Posing in large shirts

Loose clothing doesn't give anything away to her followers.

4. Winter coat

Los Angeles is rarely cold in October.

5. Appearing from the chest up

This video with Khloé Kardashian was only shot from the chest up.

6. Oversized clothes

The bigger the better.

7. Attending the Kardashians' holiday dinner without showing her body

She appears around 1:58 in the video at the dinner table.

8. She was missing from the family Christmas card

She didn't turn up in any of the photos the Kardashian-Jenner family posted.

9. Gigantic jumper for her holiday video

She appeared from the chest up in this 'Never Have I Ever' clip.

10. Artfully-placed blanket

Her possible baby bump was covered by a blanket in the recent Calvin Klein shoot.

11. Throwback pics

She threw a lot of people off the scent by posting older photos where she was clearly not pregnant.

12. A lamb?

While it's doubtful she always has one on hand, she managed to hold a baby lamb to cover up (and distract from) her likely pregnancy.

It seems like we get a new story about Kylie Jenner each day, and every time it becomes more and more likely that she really is hiding a pregnancy. She can't keep this up forever, can she?