15 Awkward photos of celebrities meeting their fans

15 Awkward photos of celebrities meeting their fans

If you fancy a little trip down memory lane, just cast your mind back to the days where people used to carry around little autograph books with them everywhere, in the hopes that they'd run into whatever 90's or Noughties heartthrob had taken their fancy of late. Whilst I was thoroughly unlucky in this pursuit, several of my friends became rather hot topics in the school playground after securing the autographs of veritable pop culture icons such as Cheryl Cole, Robbie Williams and the various band members of Busted.

Now, those days are very much over and selfies has come to replace the humble autograph.  As such, our timelines are often inundated with pictures of our friends and acquaintances smiling next to some celebrity or the other, clearly excited to show off that they managed, for once, to be at the right place at the right time...

So in honour of all the celebrities who have been caught off-guard by some star-struck fan, here are 15 of the most awkward photos of celebrities meeting their fans...

1. David Beckham wasn't expecting to be grappled mid-match 

2. I really hope Russell Brand knows this baby 

3. Neither Tom Hanks nor the baby seem pleased 

4. That smile certainly doesn't reach the eyes... 

5. Please don't step closer to those children with those shoes on, Lady Gaga! 

6. What a shot, Will Smith 

7. George Clooney completely missed the boat on this one... 

8. Paris Hilton has some very enthusiastic fans 

9. Don't stand in the way of this woman and her wine, Bill Murray! 

10. Justin Bieber knows just the right place for meet-and-greets

11. Katy Perry's chest got a lot of attention from this fan...

12. Kristen Stewart really enjoys her job 

13. Goldie Hawn's hat wasn't prepared for the camera 

14. He's not going to be getting any pictures of Kim Kardashian 

15. Did Katy Perry just get out-sassed?! 

Well, if that wasn't enough to make you cringe, I don't know what would do it. It just goes to show that being rich and famous does have some downsides...