15 Of the most embarrassing things people have ever said to a celebrity

15 Of the most embarrassing things people have ever said to a celebrity

Before you meet a celebrity, you tell yourself that you're going to be cool, but it hardly ever works out like that. The bleak reality of the situation is that you're far more likely to freeze, get tongue-tied and find yourself blurting out some utter rubbish that you'll look back on and want to set yourself on fire for.

Case in point: a recent Twitter feed. When one user asked the social media site what the stupidest thing they'd ever said to an A-lister was, endless tales of pea-brained drivel came out - and we loved every single one of them.

Something as simple as a name can slip your mind when you're talking to an famous person

Well, duh

It's always good to have a notepad handy - aside from when you're asking about Dua's abs


Hey, you can't bash The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Modesty is key when talking to celebs

Coldplay members have been known to go to the doctor from time to time, yes

I'm willing to bet that Matt Damon really appreciated that sentiment

Coincidentally, yes

Stalker alert?

Or don't, whatever...

And he didn't do it?

Is that a no, or...?

Your weird comment broadened her horizons at least

Dumb humour is apparently the way to Taylor Swift's heart

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