9 Scandals the royal family definitely wants you to forget about

9 Scandals the royal family definitely wants you to forget about

The British royal family, on the whole, are a rather well-liked bunch. They've had a few rough spots in the past - you know: the English Civil War, the colonisation of half the world, and a countless number of extramarital affairs - but, all things considered, they still get some pretty good press.

However, that might have less to do with them being well-behaved, and more because they're just quite good at covering up their scandalous behaviour. Unfortunately for them, the internet is not so keen on forgetting all the naughty things they've been up to in the past...

1. Prince Harry went to rehab

When he was just 16 years old, Prince Harry was sent to a rehabilitation centre after being caught with marijuana. His father, Prince Charles, made him go there as a punishment - but only for a day.

2. Princess Margaret's high profile divorce

In 1976, Princess Margaret split from her husband, Antony Armstrong-Jones. Two years later, it was announced that the pair had formally divorced - making it the most prominent royal breakup since Henry VIII's. But hey, at least she didn't behead her other half.

3. Prince Harry got caught naked

The younger son of Prince Charles has always been something of a rebel - a trait he demonstrated by playing strip billiards at the age of 27. "At the end of the day I probably let myself down, I let my family down, I let other people down," he said. "But it was probably a classic example of me probably being too much army, and not enough prince. It’s a simple case of that."

4. Captain Mark Phillips had a 'lovechild'

While he was married to Princess Anne, Captain Mark Phillips had a one night stand with an art teacher from New Zealand. She got pregnant, kept the baby, and now two of the Queen's grandchildren have a non-royal half-sister. Not exactly what you'd expect from a family of such high caliber.

5. Prince Charles' "sexy" phone call was leaked

Poor Prince Charles has probably never been perceived as much of a hunk, but - after news of his dirty talk made the press - his hopes of ever being one were truly dashed. In 1989 (when he was still married to Diana), the prince was recorded saying he wanted to be one of Camilla's tampons. Ew.

6. Sarah Ferguson was photographed having her toes licked

In 1992, Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson was papped while on holiday with John Bryan. She was sunbathing while topless, and Bryan appeared to be sucking her toes. Ferguson was married to Prince Andrew at the time, but they divorced four years later.

7. Kate Middleton's topless photo ended up in the tabloids

In 2012, a year after she married Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed in the nude while on holiday in France. Criminal charges were eventually filed against the newspaper that published the images, and the royal family was awarded compensation.

8. Prince William was caught dancing with a model

Last year, Prince William - the heir to the throne - was caught on video dancing with an Australian model. He was supposed to be on a boys-only ski trip at the time, so Duchess Kate was not impressed.

9. Princess Anne became the first ever senior royal "convicted of a criminal offence" 

In 2002, Princess Anne got slapped with criminal charges after her dog attacked two children. The kids were not seriously injured, but the Princess was still ordered to pay a £500 fine, give a further £500 to the family of the children, and ensure that her dog was properly trained and kept on a lead from then on.

As beloved as they may be, then, it turns out that the royal family are probably just as scandalous as the rest of us - if not even more so.