More actresses are coming forward to reveal how Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted them

More actresses are coming forward to reveal how Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted them

Harvey Weinstein is the film producer who brought you classics like Pulp Fiction, was a major fundraiser for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and is also a serial sexual abuser who has been recorded coercing an actress into sex and has been accused of forcibly raping other actresses.

The New York Times was sitting on Weinstein sexual assault stories as far back as 2004, but Weinstein, as well as Matt Damon and Russel Crowe, compelled the Times to kill the story. The 'open secret' was intentionally not pursued, because Weinstein was simply too powerful. Nobody wanted to risk crossing such an important entertainment figure, so they compromised their morals, and allowed an abuser to roam and twist the world around his stubby, fat finger.

The allegations that Weinstein would masturbate in front of women and request massages have gotten far worse, as today The New Yorker released a story detailing allegations of unambiguous rape. Actress Asia Argento was subjected to unwanted oral sex, and in 2004, actress Lucia Evans said “He forced me to perform oral sex on him."

“I know that everybody—I mean everybody—in Hollywood knows that it’s happening,” said Emma de Caunes, a French actress. “He’s not even really hiding. I mean, the way he does it, so many people are involved and see what’s happening. But everyone’s too scared to say anything.”

The New Yorker article, which you should read in all its appalling detail, portrays chilling "honeypot" meetings where young actresses would be called in to meet with Weinstein and his executives, only for everyone to leave the room, abandoning the women to deal with Harvey alone, where he would pressure them into sex.

“I was not willing,” said Asia Argento “I said, ‘No, no, no.’ . . . It’s twisted. A big fat man wanting to eat you. It’s a scary fairy tale.”

Weinstein used obvious pressures to coerce victims and keep them silent, most of all using their career as leverage. If you refused to have sex with Weinstein, you would see your hopes at succeeding in film vanish rapidly. "Don't ruin your friendship with me for five minutes," he was recorded saying, chillingly implying that five minutes of rape was the price for him continuing to support your career. How does such evil thrive?

Weinstein wore the mask of a philanthropist, raising a staggering $8 million to help stop AIDS, and serving as a major fundraiser for the Democratic Party for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Everyone in Hollywood has heaped praise upon him - he was thanked more often than God in Oscars acceptance speeches, second only to Spielberg.

Everyone loved him...until he was exposed. Now, the 'open secret' has turned into total condemnation, with opportunists like Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet (who works with accused child rapist Woody Allen) denouncing Weinstein. Yet, are we supposed to believe that they didn't know?

Matt Damon and Russel Crowe are particularly guilty. For the sake of their careers and the Hollywood social infrastructure, they helped to kill a 2004 New York Times story that was ready to report on Weinstein's sexual abuse. Hollywood, if it applies enough pressure, can protect its own simply through its massive social, legal, financial and celebrity power. It made Weinstein invincible.

Who will be next? Surely, Harvey Weinstein is not the only rapist and sexual predator who lingers in the beams and arches of our hallowed institutions. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly have also been accused and ousted as gropers and harassers.

Until the law applies to the powerful, just like it applies to the rest of us, we will always see people like Harvey Weinstein take advantage of women. But as long as careers and legacies are at stake, criminals who helped those legacies happen will always be protected...