Amber Heard's last text message to Johnny Depp

Amber Heard's last text message to Johnny Depp

Actor Johnny Depp, who was previously accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of domestic abuse, has shared text messages from her in which she states that she still loves him, and was willing to get back together with him even after their initial split.

The Daily Mail reports that in court papers filed in Fairfax County, Virginia, text transcripts show that the last thing Heard said to Depp regarding their divorce was that they could: "Do this or undue [sic] this as we see fit. You and I have the control. And love each other. I thought you filed [for divorce]. You said you were going to and said goodbye.· I'm sorry if I've hurt you.· I have nothing but love for you."

A text exchange between Depp and Heard Credit: Fairfax County

Watch Amber Heard discuss her tumultuous marriage to Johnny Depp below:  

The court documents state:

"When I did not accede to her demand for money, Ms. Heard publicly accused me of domestic violence, seeking and receiving a temporary restraining order against me ... with a first-ever-seen prominent bruise and cut on her face that she claimed resulted from being hit in the face by a cell phone thrown by me and further facial battering from "some appendage" of mine on the evening of May 21, 2016,' wrote Depp in his declaration."

A bruise under Depp's eye. Credit: Fairfax County

The image above allegedly shows a bruise under Depp's eye, apparently caused by Heard.

The papers continue:

"Ms. Heard lied about this domestic violence incident under oath ... Several women who have been in a relationship with Ms. Heard have come forward to share their personal experiences of brutal violence and other abuse at the hands of Ms. Heard. My advisors have and continue to interview these victims, who remain deeply fearful of Ms. Heard, and to collect evidence from these victims."

This is the latest in a string of claims made by Depp against Heard. Back in March, Depp accused Heard of having an affair with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.