Ashley Graham shares sports bra fail on Instagram and women everywhere can relate

Ashley Graham shares sports bra fail on Instagram and women everywhere can relate

Ashley Graham is known worldwide for her curvaceous figure in the modelling industry - and she works hard to maintain it. A quick scroll through her Instagram feed shows she's often at the gym on the treadmill, working on her abs, or pushing herself to the limit by deadlifting.

Despite her efforts, though, her workouts don't always go that smoothly.

Yesterday, the 31-year-old uploaded a few videos from her workout session to her Insta story - first, of her doing sit-ups with a ball balanced between her knees, then of her skipping, and then showing her dragging a sled topped with weights... and her trainer!

ashley graham workout Credit: Instagram/@ashleygraham

As difficult as those exercises may seem, however, they weren't the worst of Ashley's problems. During the skipping portion of the workout, the model had to stop at one point - all because her sports bra (literally) wasn't pulling its weight.

"Look, let me just stop you right there," she says. "I have the wrong bra on today, jumping rope, my breasts are hitting me in the face. They hurt, they're going to be more sore than my abs."

Then, in the next story, Ashley's trainer can be heard saying:  "Here's the thing as a trainer that doesn't really have to be concerned about that, I'm seeing it and I'm understanding how much..." and then she cuts herself off when the model shows her how red her chest is from the movement. "Oh my gosh, look at that!"

ashley graham workout Credit: Instagram/@ashleygraham

"Wear the right bra, ladies!" Ashley says. "This is not cute."

It really is no laughing matter! As anyone with breasts will know, doing any kind of vigorous exercise (be that a spinning class or a particularly quick dash up a flight of stairs) can be made just that extra bit harder when you've got that extra weight moving about on the front of your body.

Nevertheless, Ashley persists with her workouts - and she's super body positive about them.

"I don’t work out to lose weight, I don’t work out because I want to be thin, I work out to stay healthy, strong, firm and to keep my mind clear," she posted recently, along with a video of her working through a burpee routine with her trainer.

It just goes to show: you don't have to be thin and flat-chested to be fit and healthy... but, in order to maintain that fitness, it helps to wear the correct bra when working out if you've got a little more going on up top!