Beyoncé's new tattoo to symbolise her three kids is the sweetest thing ever

Beyoncé's new tattoo to symbolise her three kids is the sweetest thing ever

When Queen Bey announced that she was pregnant with twins in February, the internet worked itself up into quite a tizzy. Not only did entire Twitter threads pop up, devoted to speculating about everything from the babies' gender to possible baby names, but our Instagram feeds were consumed for months with those absolutely transcendent pregnancy shots of Beyoncé.

Beyoncé gave birth to her twins on June 13 2017, and naturally, none of the baby-name speculation quite came to fruition as Beyoncé and Jay-Z chose to name their twins Sir Carter and Rumi. Just like their firstborn, Blue Ivy, it's apparent that the blessed progeny were given their names based on the historical significance that the names "Sir" and "Rumi" bear.

The name Rumi brings to mind the 13th century Persian poet of the same name. The Sunni Muslim poet is still renowned for his spiritual wisdom and given how deep both of the musicians' work has been recently, it wouldn't surprise me if they'd been learning a thing or two from the scholar.

Multiple sources have also pointed out that the word "sir" is actually referenced in a popular Rumi poem.

Beyoncé Beyhive is surely exploding with excitement today as the veritable pop icon put on an adorable display of love towards her three children by getting a tattoo in their honour.

On Wednesday, Beyonce posted a photograph of her new tattoo on Instagram - three vertical dots on the front of her ring finger. Now, whilst Beyonce didn't explicitly state that the tattoo represents Blue Ivy, Rumi and Sir Carter, fans were quick to start speculating that it all had an obvious link to her beloved children.

Fans also offered several alternative interpretations, including the fact that Beyoncé could have possibly renewed her Christian faith. Others said that the three dots could represent nothing more than three being her favourite number. Conspiracy theorists, however, connected the three dots to the Illuminati. I mean, there's no pleasing some people, is there?

In any case, I'm pretty sure, as is the majority of the internet, that the three black dots represent five-year-old Blue Ivy, Sir Carter and Rumi. I just hope that 'ol Jay Z isn't feeling too left out.

Speaking to US Weekly, Beyoncé's grandmother Tina Knowles gave US Weekly an exclusive update on how the twins are doing. "They are amazing [...] They're very young but they like to touch and they’re adorable and just beautiful and healthy and I’m just so happy," the 63-year-old fashion designer said.

She also clarified something rather important - that Blue Ivy is absolutely loving being a big sister. "[Blue's] doing amazing! She’s a big sister and she feeds them and she's excited [...] And she feels responsible for them being here because she prayed for them." How adorable.

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