'Big Bang Theory' star shares emotional video after getting engaged for the third time

'Big Bang Theory' star shares emotional video after getting engaged for the third time

The moment you get engaged to your partner is meant to be one of the happiest moments of your life (hopefully). It's meant to be an occasion that will last long in the memories of both you and your spouse. With the rise of social media, many people share photos of their engagement rings online, documenting the moments after the big question has been popped. However, Karl Cook went one step further when he shared footage of his bride-to-be, Kaley Cuoco, literally breaking down in (happy) tears the second after he asked her to marry her.

It was Kaley's 32nd birthday and the Big Bang Theory actress was proposed to after nearly two years of dating Karl. To say that she was emotional during the footage would be an understatement. In the video which Karl uploaded onto his Instagram account, Kaley can be seen hysterically crying after Karl put the very large and very sparkly ring on her finger.

After Kaley announces "we're engaged", Karl can be heard jokingly saying that the actress hadn't actually said yes yet, to which she then repeatedly accepts his offer. Karl captioned the video: "Well after nearly two years I finally got up the courage to ask her to marry me. This is the best night of my life and I think the video shows it is the best night for kaley as well…..of she said yes!!!!!"

Not done with just one instalment of behind-the-scenes footage, Karl also filmed himself dancing with his new fiance who can be seen cuddling up to him, writing: "In life, there is nothing like dancing right after getting engaged. The purity and grace of the moment are inexplicable, it is truly as though life were a balloon bouncing on the smoothest zephyr. Honey; all I want is to be a balloon bouncing, bobbing, and flowing through life together. You are my everything."

Karl had hinted at a potential engagement earlier in the day, with him uploading a photo of him presenting a comedically large engagement ring to a tired looking Kaley in a supermarket.

This is the actresses third engagement - back in 2011, she became engaged to Josh Resnik, but the couple quickly broke it off, with the relationship ending just a few months later.

After that, Kaley and tennis player Ryan Sweeting became engaged in 2013, with the couple marrying just four months later on New Year's Eve. But, two years later, the couple decided to divorce, with the formalities being finalised in May 2016.

Kaley and her new fiance hooked up in late 2015, just months after she had split up with Ryan. The actress, who is paid $1 million per episode of The Big Bang Theory - had previously dated her co-star Johnny Galecki for two years.

Hopefully, it'll be third time lucky for Kaley, he looks completely smitten with her new beau. The footage from the engagement is eye-wateringly sweet, but good luck to the two of them!