Blake Lively is unrecognisable in new images for her latest movie role

Blake Lively is unrecognisable in new images for her latest movie role

Who can forget Serena from Gossip Girl? Her tousled blonde locks, cool style and enviable relationships with the likes of verified dream boys Dan and Nate made everyone who watched the show either want to be her or at the very least know her. Blake Lively, who played the Upper East Sider for a good five years between 2007 and 2012, has since starred in movies like Green Lantern and The Age of Adeline.

In every role to date, Lively has managed to look that perfect mix of classy and sexy, and to no-ones surprise she embodies the same kind of style in real life. The 30-year-old is usually papped head-to-toe in some kind of stylish ensemble, wearing quirky jewellery and vintage designers, sometimes with her adorably doting husband Ryan Reynolds by her side as an added accessory.

But just earlier this month, Lively made headlines for looking severely dressed down compared to her usual glitzy self. It was none other than her husband who shared the picture that went viral, poking fun at Lively by writing a simple caption of #nofilter to accompany the image.

The snap is of a very casual looking Lively, marching around in combat boots, unflattering costume makeup and a roughly thrown together mishmash of track pants, a faded padded jacket, and an egg-shaped hat.

The picture is from a film she's starring in called The Rhythm Section. Set to be released in 2019, the movie is based on a novel by Mark Burnell and centres around a female spy named Stephanie Patrick (played by Lively) who is seeking to avenge her family who died in a plane crash, that she found out was planned.

And now, Lively has revealed a new look from her character in the film, one that is yet again completely unrecognisable from her usual self.

The look is different from the earlier one, the big difference being that she looks a little more put-together in this scene, sporting a dark brown pixie cut.

While still being able to pull it off, it certainly makes her look a little more dishevelled and sombre than her usual smiley, blonde and bouncy-haired self.

It makes sense though, given the film is a spy thriller about Patrick, who is on a path to self-destruction after becoming so angry about her family's death that she decides to become a revenge-thirsty assassin.

“In Stephanie Patrick, Mark has created a unique female heroine who turns so many of the current cinematic clichés surrounding so-called ‘kick-ass’ female leads on their head,” Stuart Ford, executive producer of the film told Variety.

The recent pictures were shot on set in Dublin, Ireland, where the film is being filmed alongside locations in the US, the UK, Spain, and Switzerland. Jude Law, who also stars in the film, was also on set although the two weren't filmed in any scenes together.

It all sounds very mysterious so far, and I know I'm already looking forward to how Lively's new film turns out.