Blue Ivy telling Beyonce and Jay-Z to calm down at the Grammys is the best thing you'll see today

Blue Ivy telling Beyonce and Jay-Z to calm down at the Grammys is the best thing you'll see today

As any good Beyonce fan knows, the answer to the question, "Who run the world?" is - of course - "girls". But when Queen Bey first released that song back in 2011, none of us had any idea that she was actually singing about her future daughter, Blue Ivy.

Ok, so maybe she wasn't directly singing about her eldest child, but she might as well have been, given Blue's performance at the Grammys last night. Despite only being six-years-old, the little girl stole the show from her celebrity parents, and the internet loves her for it.

During Camila Cabello's speech about Dreamers and the importance of valuing immigrants in the USA, Bey-Z went to clap (along with the rest of the crowd) but were quickly hushed by Blue.

Whether she stopped her parents from applauding because she wanted to hear the rest of the speech or because she was tired of her mom and dad clapping every 20 seconds is unclear, but, honestly, that's irrelevant. What this five-second clip shows is that there is only one person gutsy enough to step up to Beyonce and Jay-Z - and it's Blue Ivy.

Of course, the exchange soon went viral, and everybody suddenly has a new favorite member of the Knowles-Carter family.

One Twitter user said, "Can we give Blue Ivy a Grammy for best performance for this moment?"


If Blue was hushing her parents so that she could hear Camila say her part, it's no surprise, as the former Fifth Harmony star and Havana singer certainly made an impact on the crowd.

"I'm here on stage tonight because just like the Dreamers my parents brought me to this country with nothing in their pockets but hope," she said. "They showed me what it means to work twice as hard and never give up, and honestly, no part of my journey is any different from theirs."

Obviously, in the wake of Donald Trump's recent attempts to scrap DACA, her words were incredibly significant.

"I'm a proud Cuban-Mexican immigrant, born in eastern Havana, standing in front of you on the Grammy stage in New York City," she went on, "and all I know is, just like dreams, these kids can't be forgotten and are worth fighting for."

However, even though Camila stole that part of the show with her message, it was Beyonce, Jay-Z and Blue who made the most headlines today.

Bey turned a lot of heads by wearing $6.8m of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, and her husband made one of his first public appearances with the family after opening up about his previous brushes with infidelity on the Van Jones show. During the interview, he credited Blue Ivy as one of the factors which drove him to repair his marriage, and said that he and Beyonce "chose to fight for our love, for our family, to give our kids different outcome".

Well, no matter what goes down in the house of Bey-Z, we can assume one thing for sure: Blue Ivy is the true queen.