Brad Pitt offers Angelina Jolie $100m divorce settlement

Brad Pitt offers Angelina Jolie $100m divorce settlement

It's been 14 months since the news that shocked the celebrity world to its very core and it's safe-to-say that nobody has quite got over the fact that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have divorced. The couple, who were the literal definition of "couple goals", broke up after 11 years, and 6 children, together. But while the divorce seemed acrimonious at the time, it has continued to rumble on until the present day and has turned nasty along the way.

According to the various reports, Brad Pitt is so fed up with the elongated divorce proceedings that he now offered Angelina a whopping $100million settlement in order to settle things once and for all. Yes, you heard me right $100million - that's how much he is done with the whole ordeal.

However, despite the eye-watering amount of cash on the table, Angelina has looked at the offer and responded with a simple "thanks, but no thanks" message to her estranged husband. An insider source that spoke to Life & Style has claimed that Brad simply wants the settlement signed and finished.

“In hopes of getting Angie to sign off on the divorce, Brad started throwing huge financial settlement offers at her lawyer,” the insider said. “Angie has rejected every single offer, including the most recent one, for $100 million.”

But why would you turn down every financial offer, including $100 million? I mean, I know that Jolie has plenty of cash of her own, but $100 million is $100 million, right? Well, it turns out that Angelina wants more than just cash - she wants reconciliation.

Yes, that's right, according to the same insider, Angelina has her hopes set on the couple working through their differences and finding their way back into each other's arms once more.

Angelina was the one who filed for divorce way back in October 2016 and things very quickly turned nasty between the two Hollywood stars. Angelina accused Brad of being verbally and physically abusive towards their six children - Maddox, 16, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 9. According to Angelina, Pitt had gotten physical with their eldest son while they were on a private jet, just one month before she filed for the separation papers.

As a result of her claims, Brad became the center of an LA County Department of Children and Family Services investigation, which was swiftly closed after the allegations went unfounded. Sources close to the former couple say that it was this incident, as well as their subsequent custody battle, that form the basis of the "million reasons" why Brad wants to wash his hands of his estranged wife.

“Brad felt he was depicted as an alcohol-swilling, pot-smoking, irresponsible and abusive husband and father — and that it was largely Angelina’s doing. He was shamed and humiliated," says an insider. “Brad feels too much damage has been done and she’s tormented him for too long to consider taking her back. He doesn’t trust Angelina anymore.”

While Angelina would like to have another crack at the relationship, clearly valuing love over money, I would just take the $100 million if I'm being honest. Imagine all the cool stuff you could do with it - who needs Brad Pitt!