This is how celebrities reacted to Eminem's blistering Trump freestyle

This is how celebrities reacted to Eminem's blistering Trump freestyle

In the wake of Eminem's BET cypher, ravaging Donald Trump with four minutes of bars, America's celebrities have had tons of reactions. From rappers, to LeBron James to Ellen Degeneres, here are the best of them.

To start things off, Snoop Dogg posted an Instagram video explaining his feelings toward the freestyle:

"Shout out to Eminem...for saying some real s**t." Snoop Dogg adds: "We know you a real n***a now."

More rap legends took to Twitter to voice their absolute approval:

Cole was far from alone. Richest rapper/producer/mogul ever Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Sean Combs Tweeted:

Autotune drenched T-Pain, now living in Binghamton New York, was brought to action:

And when MC Ren, God-level member of NWA, praises you, you know you're doing something right:

And then, of course, there's the Riff Raff putting their two cents in (Riff Raff is a cool guy though, puns aside):

Lil Duval was proud that a white ally actually said something in a non-cringeworthy way:

And Ace Hood was flung from his Bugatti with shock and awe:

Being praised by your peers is the highest accomplishment. Of course, Eminem also received tons of support from celebrities. 8 Mile style, Eminem has beaten the President and earned his job. Right?

Ellen was onboard:

And comedian Whitney Cummings was all for it:

Even Grace stepped in to praise the Detroit rapper's coup de grace against Trump:

And, last but far from least, the sports world was seriously loving the freestyle. LeBron himself enjoyed the crafty Fantastic Four bar:

Indeed, crafting an entire line around The Thing so rapidly takes a lot of verbal skill. And it's a gusty reference, too: after the last Fantastic Four film, a lot of rappers would avoid that topic like the plague. But not Eminem. Maybe he doesn't even know about the new movie, and was thinking about the Jessica Alba version? Probably.

And lastly, Colin Kaepernick himself, who got a shout-out in the freestyle, returned the love:

Now, lastly, there aren't really any conservative reactions in this list. Commentator Ben Shapiro painted Eminem as a hypocrite, because he has been rather violent and not PC in the past:

And sure, Eminem has been anti-PC and remains that way, and has had some pretty shocking and vulgar bars. But honestly, he's an artist. He's supposed to cross the line, and when he criticizes Trump, he isn't like a random celebrity just talking about it. He's turned it into art, a freestyle, and that changes the dynamic significantly. There's really no rebutting the points that Eminem makes in the freestyle - he's just saying what's true.

Yes, Trump disrespected the military. Yes, Trump distracts us all with petty tweets and culture war issues while the world burns. Yes, Trump wants to lower taxes on the rich while spending tons of money on his own lavish lifestyle. Yes, Trump has done many things he would've ripped Hillary apart for if she did them. Yes, he could lead us into a disastrous war with North Korea that involves nuclear weapons.

Trump supporters do have to look in the mirror. This guy has done some absurd things that they would have pounced on any other politician for doing. There's a teflon shield around Trump because he is so absurd, but it is an illusory teflon. He can be criticized on a thousand fronts.

You can watch Eminem's full freestyle here.