Celebrities are sharing their worst puberty photos to raise money for Puerto Rico

Celebrities are sharing their worst puberty photos to raise money for Puerto Rico

In the wake of tragedy, it's important to do what we can in order to keep our spirits high. However, it's also vital to do everything possible to support those affected by the disaster.

Hurricane Maria has completely battered Puerto Rico in recent weeks, leaving thousands without food, clean water, electricity, or a place to stay. Despite pleas for aid, there has been a distinct lack of attention paid to the island - especially in comparison to responses to Florida and Texas after hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit.

In order to do his bit to help those hit by the hurricane, Stephen Colbert came up with a very novel way of raising money. Using actor Nick Kroll's idea of asking celebrities to post their awkward teen photos using the hashtag '#puberme', Colbert encouraged more famous faces to do the same, saying he'd donate money for all those who also used the hashtag for Puerto Rico Relief.

In this clip, Stephen shares his own teenage picture, and reminds us of the importance of spreading joy in difficult times:

And if those weren't enough cringeworthy teen snaps, here's a few more -

1. America Ferrera looking not so Ugly Betty

2. Jimmy Kimmel knows how to rock short shorts

3. James Corden apparently hasn't changed at all

4. Lena Dunham + classic teenage pimple

5. Sarah Silverman was obviously a baseball fan

6. Max Joseph ain't catfishing anyone with that teenage face

7. Topher Grace looking more '90s than '70s

8. Alison Brie went full face brace

9. Josh Gad with a truly excellent piano hat

10. Conan O'Brien looking distinctly more freckly

While it's wonderful that Colbert has stepped up to help the US territory, there's still a lot that needs to be done. Many are concerned that the situation there is still being somewhat ignored by the US government, and so it's down to the people to contribute what they can.

Puerto Rico is reeling from the damage caused by the torrential weather conditions, and it is expected that the island will not truly recover for several years. The people that live there are still in dire need of rescue or relief, so if you are able to help at all, please do.