Channing Tatum dressed up as a unicorn to attend his daughter's preschool Halloween party

Channing Tatum dressed up as a unicorn to attend his daughter's preschool Halloween party

With barely a week 'til Halloween, there's a bunch of us frantically looking around ourselves grabbing at anything to find inspiration for a costume. Inevitably, we last-minute costume scavengers will just go for a slick of the ole zombie makeup, cat ears or (god forbid) yet another Mexican sugar skull look. Then we're doomed to look around at our fellow Halloweeners and glare at their perfect ensembles that are hilariously original, super sexy or most enviable of all – bang-on with this year's pop culture obsession.

And showing us up before it's even officially Halloween? Channing Tatum.

I mean, the man already does enough to bowl us over. He's a verified hunk, an A-class actor and let's not forget about his legit ability to dance (*cough* and strip). He's a doting husband to Jenna Dewan and a good father to their four-year-old daughter, Everly. PLUS, he made a solid move last week by announcing he was going to quit a film he was working on – his directorial debut, no less – because it was being produced by the now-shamed Weinstein Company.

Channing was snapped on Saturday going to Everly's preschool's Halloween party with Jenna, which was held in the LA neighbourhood of Studio City. And we can confirm: Channing is ultimate Halloween goals. The tall, muscular, 37-year-old opted for an unabashedly cute unicorn outfit, complete with rainbow horn.

It's some kind of shimmery lilac hoodie, with unicorn details all in the hood. He tucked it in (adorable) to some baggy grey sweatpants, making sure to let the multicoloured tail swing behind him.

Here's an Instagram story from Jenna, showing a little more of the costume's detail: 

It's just so perfect. Jenna dressed up as well, going as a "nature fairy", wearing an olive-green dress and a flower garland in her hair:

And little Everly was in on it too, also going as some kind of forest fairy:

Last year, the little family also dressed up to match in a family ensemble, going as "two belles and a beast":

But what's funny is that Jenna actually dressed as a unicorn to another different, girl's only Halloween party last year:

But it was Channing's interpretation of the mythical beast that really stole everyone's hearts, mainly because he did it for his daughter:

Channing, Jenna and Everly are really showing us all how it's done, and I can't wait to see what kind of family get-up they'll put together next year. For now, I'll just keep looking at the pictures and lamenting over the fact that I haven't got my squad together in time to organise a similar mystical-forest-themed joint costume operation. Oh well, there's always next year.