Chester Bennington left his children something amazing in his will

Chester Bennington left his children something amazing in his will

In July this year, the world was shocked by the death of 41-year-old Chester Bennington, the singer and frontman of Linkin Park. The musician, who had suffered from depression and addiction problems throughout his life, died at his home in Los Angeles.

As well as being a well-loved rockstar, an actor, and an outspoken advocate for those dealing with drug problems, Bennington was a loving husband to Talinda Bennington, and a father to six children - three from his marriage with Talinda, and three from previous relationships.

In the wake of his death, Talinda shared a picture of the Linkin Park singer with his family that was taken just days before he passed away, showing the world that he was a caring family man right up until the end.

Later on, she posted a video to Twitter that showed Chester playing a game with some of his children less than 36 hours before he ended his own life. 'He loved us SO much & we loved him,' she wrote - and it is evident from the footage.

However, Chester's love for his children did not end when he died. Even after he was gone, Bennington wanted to make sure that his family remained happy and loved.

According to TMZ, Chester's will included a specific request that his children would all be permitted and encouraged to visit one another:

"I request that my children’s mothers or Guardians encourage and allow my children to visit with one another and with my extended family and the extended family of my Spouse on a regular and ongoing basis, so that my children know that they have a large and loving family."

In addition to this, Bennington specified that all travel costs during visits to other family members should be taken out of his family trust, meaning that - no matter their financial circumstances - his children would always have someone to go to in times of need.

Talinda is also making sure that Chester's children remember him in a positive manner, and is using his story to spread awareness of mental health problems. Not only has she set up a charity in her husband's honour, she also sends personal messages to people who are going through tough times, often using the hashtags, #f*ckdepression and #makechesterproud.

People's memories of Chester will live on in other ways, too.

Shortly before his death, the singer performed with his band with Ken Jeong for Carpool Karaoke. There was some speculation for a while over whether or not the footage would be aired, but Chester's family gave their permission for it to be shown.

At the beginning of the video, this message appears:

"With the blessing of Chester’s family and his bandmates, we share this episode and dedicate it to the memory of Chester. This was taped July 14, 2017."

While Bennington is no longer with us, his legacy and his message still lives on. Through his will, he showed that his family was incredibly important to him, and through his life he showed that he truly cared about making other people happy - even when his own health was at its lowest.