Chrissy Teigen absolutely roasts John Legend after fan shared raunchy picture from his single days

Chrissy Teigen absolutely roasts John Legend after fan shared raunchy picture from his single days

There's nothing more embarrassing than your partner finding an old picture of you, and then mocking you relentlessly. If you've been in any kind of long-term relationship, then you'll know that it's easy to get used to the way your partner looks after a while, and it can be quite a shock to the system to see what they looked like before they ever met you. Maybe they dressed completely differently, maybe they had a bad haircut or an embarrassing moustache. Who knows? The best you can do is delete those pics from your timeline and bury the others so that they're never made public again.

It seems that even celebrities aren't immune to this, and even the cosiest couples who are famous and head-over-heels for each other can encounter this pitfall from time to time. Case in point: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. The pair are usually the absolute definition of couple goals, but recently John was left mortified with embarrassment after a fan of Chrissy's posted a picture of him from when he was single

A Twitter user got in touch with Chrissy, tweeting her an old picture of a John Legend partying in a club, captioning the snap: @chrissyteigen so I’m reading something the teacher posted for my online class and...... @johnlegend." John appeared to be quite intimate with the young women he was sharing the dance floor with. However, Chrissy hilariously responded to the tweet by replying: "I feel like we got in a fight over this 12 years ago and we weren’t even together."

Fans were quick to mock John as well. One person wrote: "He’s clearly raising his hand trying to get security to come over and help get these women off so he can meet and fall in love with you duh,' while another added: "Thank goodness I’m not the only one who gets mad at my husband for things he did before he even knew who I was ... (although in @johnlegend defence, it looks like he’s trying to get out of a tough situation)."

However, despite this playful ribbing, it's clear that Chrissy and John are very much enamoured with each other. In an emotional speech at the Teen Choice Awards, John acknowledged his wife's contribution to his success by stating: "'I have a career in the music business, but we all know who the star of the family is. She's the heart and soul of the family too. I am very much in love with this woman. I mean, obviously, I guess. She is my wife. And she is the mother of our daughter Luna and our son Miles. But I'm not the only one who loves her. Many millions of people who aren't married or related to her love her too."

He added: "Everywhere I go, I meet people, fans, who used to ask me for an autograph or tell me how much they love my music.  Now, the number one comment I get from people who USED to be MY fans is how much they LOVE Chrissy. She gets bigger cheers than I do at my own concerts. They love her!" Awww. Isn't that cute?