Christopher Reeve's son is now an adult and has the same 'Superman' good looks as his father

Christopher Reeve's son is now an adult and has the same 'Superman' good looks as his father

Christopher Reeve is synonymous with Superman.

Undoubtedly the most iconic suphero of all time, Superman became the movie hit of the 70's thanks to Reeve's heroic performance, replete with chiselled torso and absurd good looks.

Of course, most people know the tragic turn that the actor's like took thereafter; a terrible horseriding accident that left him paralysed from the neck down and subsequently his death, nine years later in 2004.

Before his death, though, Reeve set up a foundation; the Chrisopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, whose aim it is to support research into the treatment of spinal injuries. When his wife passed away in 2006, the foundation was renamed  the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation in memory of both of them.

Christopher and Dana Reeve's son, Will Reeve, was young when his parents passed way, he was just 11-years-old when his father died, and according to People he lived with a close family friend in the wake of his parents' passing.

Understandably, Will Reeve has kept something of a low profile throughout his adult life thus far, having grown up with such a world famous father.

Now, though, Will Reeve has become a phenomenon in and of himself, after he appeared at a charity gala for the  Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation in New York City.

Jerry O'Connell, who hosted the evening, told People that Will Reeve was the reason he got involved in the event;

“I first got involved because I met Will Reeve, who’s Christopher Reeve’s son, and I was just so taken with what a well-mannered young man he was. Last year he said, ‘Would you come host this evening that we have?’ And I have to tell you, I honestly didn’t know much about the foundation.”

A lover of sports, Reeve earned himself a coveted spot on ESPN's Sportscenter, and he told People magazine that sports played a significant role in his relationship with his father;

“We shared a very deep bond in general, but sports was definitely a major component of our family bond”.

According to their website, the Christoper & Dana Reeve Foundation "is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy."

There is also a support side of the charity, which "offers a free, comprehensive, national source of informational support for individuals living with paralysis and their caregivers."

Now 25-years-old, Will Reeve has his whole life ahead of him, and certainly seems to be making his mark, both through his charity work and his own creative endeavors.

Glenn Close who also spoke at the recent charity gala, described Christopher Reeve's relationship with Robin Williams, saying;

"Their friendship, their connection, is the stuff of legend. It not only endured, but became a life-giving force sustaining them both".

May they both rest in peace.