This comedian's 'racist' Kim Jong-un costume is getting a lot of outrage

This comedian's 'racist' Kim Jong-un costume is getting a lot of outrage

Sometimes, there's a kernel of truth to these Halloween costume outrage stories. Sometimes, a deeper racism or sexism or -ism is revealed in a costume. It doesn't mean that being a moral scold online will ever change those costumes, but sometimes there is a reason for the pushback.

In this case, the outrage is so incoherent I literally cannot understand it in the slightest. I think people have just gone mad and want to troll one another to the point of extinction, because if this costume is racist, the implications are dire and absurd.

British comedian David Williams dressed up in this costume for Halloween, of Kim Jong-un:

Because Twitter is an adult daycare for people with nothing to do, plenty of people called out the costume as a spearhead of racism in the world today.

Of course, nobody thinks about these issues for more than five seconds. It's a knee-jerk reaction, until the next issue, then the next, then the next. Try asking anyone outraged about this about the topic in a few months. If they still remember at all, it'll be a miracle.

Here's the thing: if it's racist to simply dress up as someone of a different race, then you're advocating for segregation. Your ideas don't make sense. You are saying that white people can only dress up as other white people, as a foolish article argued last week about kids dressing up as Disney's Moana.

The argument goes that white kids dressing up as characters of color is offensive. But this argument is bad. It is the most basic, aimless understanding of cultural appropriation possible. The argument can only lead to racial segregation, where any image/outfit/object/idea invented by an Asian person is only for Asian people, and so on, and so on.

I'm not going to pretend it's coherent, because it isn't. It's the astrology of politics. Some claim that Williams was using 'yellow face' or makeup, but that's highly subjective. Of course if you're rich and famous you may use make-up to make your costume more convincing. That's not the same as becoming a racial caricature. He still looks white as hell. He is pale. He is white.

If you think white people should only dress up as white characters, black people should only dress up as black characters, and Asians only dress up as Asian characters, I can't help you. That idea of racial segregation as a substitute for legitimate understanding between cultures is just absurd.

Because Kim Jong-un is Asian, a white person can't dress up as him? Why? Who is it offending? Do people on Twitter really speak for the Asian race? I think it's absurd to think that a few people with Twitter followers are capable of speaking for North Koreans and their offense levels at this depiction of the dear leader.

I think that if Halloween costumes are a central facet of what's oppressing you, then it's time to go pick up a new set of issues. You only stand to comfort a small sect of very sensitive millennials on Halloween, not much of a social service.